Grips from Society


Please do not misunderstand this post. I don’t have any issues with trans-people. I’ve noticed the transformation from the outside as well as in. This is not a post to deter anyone from T nor promote. Just a wondering mind. Purely interpretive. Hypothetical. 

There was a YouTube video that went viral for a while through my news fed. You might have seen it. The little girl with awesome parents who helped her transition at age 6 from female to male. The parents..I mean..Wow! The love and support for their child almost made me cry. There is a sad lack of parents that even try to empathize with their kids. Waking up everyday to put on clothes you can’t stand. Only to go to school with a bunch of people you can’t even try to like because they clearly don’t like you. And then to come home to a family that doesn’t even care. This child is blessed to have the parents he has.

All coolness aside. It got me wondering. What if it wasn’t even an issue? Once upon a time, butches would transition to get jobs as men. Easier to flow in society in the closest form of their idea of “self.” Without crap from the outside world. It was harder then if not performed illegally to get T.

Now, I wonder if it’s too easy? I understand starting your child on hormone therapy at an early age to prevent the process of puberty for their born gender.

Look, to sum this up best. Why should we be so quick to T? Or any hormone treatment? I just wonder if it’s an easy out in some cases. Not All cases. In a world where many are afraid to call themselves lesbian or butch. Heaven forbid you’re boxed into a label of any sort. Would they be easily conformed to a different gender? When you go to the store. You don’t see Men’s section, Butch jeans & Ladies Wear. It’s painstakingly an either or experience.

Growing up, if a girl wanted Teenage Mutant Turtles clothes and toys? She was a freak for not liking Barbies. That’s then. And it’s still, sadly, now. At a family gathering a couple years back a cousin was afraid that his son was gonna be gay because he liked to play with dolls. My brother liked to wear my mom’s shoes and have his fingernails painted with us. He’s straight. Did he experiment? Possibly. But, why is this still a fear? Why are we so quick to call anyone a freak because they don’t conform to gender norms??

There is such a thing as straight tomboy/butch women. Effeminate straight men. That’s going into another argument. Where gender identity and sexuality are not combined…

What if there weren’t a men’s section at your local department store? Or baby showers puking blues or pinks for girls and boys. Perhaps, we as a society are too hellbent on enforcing gender that it causes one’s desire to change their gender. If one didn’t feel so out-of-place about their “self” due to the harshness of society would they opt to change anything? Would they feel a need to change their gender if society wasn’t so dictatorial about Men’s and Women’s?

Childhood is where we really grasp what IS normal. Our normal language of the society you’re going to grow in. Religions and politics. A baby born with a vag automatically receives gifts of Barbies, princesses and pink. Oh gawd! All the pink. No matter that she’s reaching and screaming from her stroller for the blue stuffed puppy.

What if one could simply introduce themselves with a name that was given because the parents thought it was a good name. Not confined by the ultrasound results. And as that child grows she simply has this name and makes it her own. Not by being a young lady named Jenny but a good young person named Jenny.

What if we lived in a gender neutral society? Imagine the doors that would open up for everyone. A teenager name Kevin could be a cheerleader without worry from parents or peers of him being gay or girly. Kevin can put his all into cheerleading..Who knows? Be the best on the squad! Because the world is concerned about Kenvin’s dick or vag or tits! But, the fact that Kevin is a kickass cheerleader! Sally makes more money at her job fresh out of college. Because rather than focusing on the fact that she’s a female with great tits and ass..they pay attention to her professionalism and work!

These people aren’t ashamed of their sex. Boys aren’t supposed to like cheerleading..So society, peers make their dick shrivel. Girls shouldn’t represent football players, shouldn’t play football. No matter that the adrenalin during the game makes her feel like a fuckin’ boss!

The list goes on..It’s a little ridiculous when you pick it all apart. There are a ton of examples.

When one doesn’t have to hide the people they want to be because nobody is focusing on male or female body parts or dress. The work, the person is the focus.

Even those who don’t wish to transition but fall privy to society’s standards of the next ideal woman or man. It is appealing to hike that dress up to your pubic hairs right now. You notice that right? Cake your make up on. I’m not putting anyone down for this. But, reality stars “normal people,” have girls wanting to be the Kardashian next door. The next big ideal of beauty. Girls should be this thin and look this next fad of pretty. Catering to other forms of dysphoria, disorders, anxieties that have been around for years.

Society has more control over what is considered normal. Too many of us let that happen right under our noses. So, I just wonder. Ya know?

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