Some ASSistance!


“I like big butts and I cannot lie! You otha brothas can’t deny!” Yep. I’m singing and wiggling my ass as I type! Because this topic excites me! I enjoy talking about sex!

Now, anal

? I love, love, love it when this topic comes up!!

Let’s just cover curiosity. It’s sex, Darling. This is the one area in life you can and should completely enjoy. Your one space where you can literally get high without getting arrested.

*Side-note #1: As long it’s consensual!! And you’re not paying for it in a state where prostitution is illegal. Oh..and don’t get caught in public *snicker*

*Side-note #2: I shouldn’t have to spell that out for people. But, thus the world we live in! >.<

Baby, get back to post! In all seriousness. This is something you should discuss with your lover. Even if you’re not sure you want to go there? You can talk about it. You certainly can fantasize about it.

Shoot! I’ve told my butch lovers to cum inside me while their fucking me. No. It’s not physically possible. But, the fantasy has been pleasurable in itself for both of us. The same can be done with any sexual curiosity.

Anal. My personal experience was actually in solitude. Matter of fact, most of my sexual exploration is while masturbating. Oh. God. Can’t tell y’all to express yourselves to your lovers unless I share mine, huh?

Don’t judge!

Like many people, I thought anal sex was gross. I mean, our waste comes out of there. It never smells great and the texture is..yea. What could possibly be appealing about ass to anyone!? And all bullshit aside? It hurts when you poop sometimes? Honestly, there is work sometimes to dump! The thought of stuffing anything up an area meant to excrete didn’t make sense! I thought the same way about my vag. The exception was that there was an actual urge to put something in there. There was a sensation to fill that up! Not so much for my butt!

Ah. Porn. How you have aided my confused adolescence! I discovered my g-spot through a Hustler article. Once, I figured out how to make myself ejaculate. My sexual world became endless. When I made myself squirt or if anyone had made me squirt. I wanted more. Female ejaculation: The Gateway.

Why not see what the fuss is about? I’m a huge fan of self love! It’s safe, it’s sanitary and you can trust yourself more than anyone else, right?!?!

Because, this was something I wasn’t accustomed to I figured I could warm my body up to the idea. I was a minor then and couldn’t purchase a butt plug or dildos. I used my fingers for all pussy play. How the fuck could I play with the clit, my cunt and ass with only two hands?? I figured, I wouldn’t worry about needing anything else. I didn’t even know if I’d play with my own ass, yet. Everything I read said to be relaxed. Making myself ejaculate had to be the best way I could think of to break my own sexual barrier. And the added lube, I thought, could help the penetration process.

That’s how I did it. I came really hard and squirted playing with my clit and pussy. I fucked myself real good for awhile until my own juices were slipping down my ass crack. When that sunk in? Relaxing and the wetness. I started wanting more..I slid a finger inside my ass.

Oh. My. God! One middle finger in my bum and I was getting off. Cumming and I wanted more. But, I didn’t own any toys?? *Pout*

*Ahem* I loved lighting candles in my room more so than light-bulbs. I grabbed one of those long stick candles and worked it into my butt. Yep. I did. Why didn’t I just stick to using my fingers? The gross factor kind of kicked in. I don’t like having stuff under my nails. Like, I spend a good portion of the day flicking bits of whatever gets under my nails.

I enjoyed it. When I was done and satisfied? I was a little shocked that I enjoyed it as much as I did.

At the time, I was in the closet. Claiming to be bisexual and dating a guy. I enjoyed it with myself. Why not try it with my boyfriend at the time? We were both experimental and I trusted him. That didn’t work out too well. Guess, I wasn’t as comfortable as I had thought. Too tight. Too tense. Could not relax.

Because it didn’t happen with him. I thought, it wouldn’t happen. I thought, maybe I didn’t like it as much as I thought I did.


I put the idea aside. I figured it just wasn’t something to do with anyone. I didn’t even think about it anymore. In my early 20’s, I met a stud at the bar one night. Her and I became an item. She thought it was fucked up that I refused anal! The old inhibitions set in my head. Gross! It’s gross! And doesn’t it hurt?? She swore to me that she could fuck me up the ass without my even knowing and I’d like it.

Holy fuck! That fucking happened!

For the first time in my life I was pulling sheets off the bed, wanting to scream and wiggling all over. All out of fucking amazing pleasure. She basically did everything I did that one candle night so many years ago. She made me squirt, using a vibe on my clit and fucking my pussy. Got me incredibly wet and relaxed. She slid a little dildo in my ass with ease and I was gone.

Solid fucking gone!

I’m not pressuring anyone to go out and fuck butts. Get fucked in the ass. No. I’m merely suggesting that we explore ourselves. Sounds kinda hippy. Yep. But, I’ve been asked about anal sex so often it almost makes my head tilt. Why not try on yourself? Seriously. Any sexual curiosity you have? Most of which you can fantasize and give it a go yourself. If the thought excites you? Take the next step if/when you’re ready.

Now, as I have discovered anal with a partner. Granted, I have to be warmed up still. Due to not many too keen on anal sex. I do like it. I do enjoy it. Almost crave it. I’ve since purchased butt plugs and have the gall to wear them during the day while running errands. Out with friends, etc.

I just don’t think sex of any sort should be an area where we shut our minds off to the endless possibilities. Even if it seems off the wall. Give a moment to really think about it. Consider it. 😉

2 thoughts on “Some ASSistance!

  1. This literally made me LOL! I loved the honesty of this piece. I think we’ve all been there wondering id it really is as pleasurable as porn makes it seems. I’m just disovering the pleasure of anal, my recent partner made me into a believer….great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! Girl, I was shaking my head writing this. Am I seriously putting this out there?? Lol! Here!! Porn has been helpful in some aspects. Ideas, “Hmm. Maybe I could try that.” All fantasy arguments aside it was a sex ed course that seriously broadened my horizons! Welcome Sista Buttliever! 🙂


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