Doc at the Wedding




The Doctor began to stress over what she was going to wear. Such short notice and all. Apparently, she really didn’t like long sleeves or button downs. All she had in her closet were polo shirts and some old blazers/sports jackets. I offered this particular date to be a date for shopping.

Hello! Of course, I don’t mind shopping as a date!

She was uncertain that we’d find anything with such short notice. She had incredibly muscular arms. Might be pleasing for me and any other femme. Not so much for retail. Unless you have time to get it altered. Anyway, we did find a pretty cool jacket for her. Discovered a polo shirt and some slacks in her closet. She felt like I was going there looking all hot and that she wasn’t up to par.

OK. I understand that this was a last minute decision. I thought what we picked out was pretty darn good considering the time frame. Clothing debacle solved.

The day came for the wedding and she got out of work a little late. It’s a weekday and I’m stressing with the thought of traffic on I-45 north heading to Spring!! Ugh! Bad move on the wedding planner. On top of her getting out of work late. She’s hungry. I offer maybe picking something up on the way.

We need to get moving.

“Nah. I’d rather just go over to this deli.” She says as I climb into her truck. Of course, I’m sort of freakin’ out. Do they have your sandwiches packaged and ready to go? “You can finish putting on your make up.”

“Yea. I was gonna do that while you drove. Thought we were good to go when I got here.” I retort.

“It wont be long.” She says.

Applying the finishing touches of my make-up and looking at my watch every 5 mins. It seemed to take forever for one sandwich! I know, I’m being a little too stressed out. I’m aware that weddings almost never start on time. For such a drive, at that hour..traffic.

We did hit traffic, of course. I thought I’d feel better if I had drove or if we had just met there.

We arrive at the location. Tucked away in the woods. I notice the parking lot is dirt and chunks of rock.

Oh. That’s great. Gonna be fun walkin’ with these 6″ heels. I managed just fine. Sort of shocked myself. I don’t typically wear 6″ heels. Top it all off with chunks of rock flooring!

The ceremony went pretty damn fast. It was the reception that dragged on.

I didn’t want to invite anyone to the wedding. It was mostly people from work! The bride is an old co-worker! My boss was there as a guest!! Like, my boss’s boss. Bossman. THE head honcho! I’ve never been fond of weddings. They’re stuffy. Most everyone are strangers with varrying age groups. Makes for difficult social interraction.

Your friend or relative have morphed into this friendly alien you see parading the church pews. Full of fake smiles and nervous handshakes. Longing for the freedom to hit up the open bar!

Doctor and I are starving. We’ve conducted good introduction to The Bossman and co-workers. Silence followed after an uncertain debate to use rats as bomb sniffing pets oppose dogs. Who knew?

An old co-worker and I were catching up after years of not seeing each other.

“You wanna go for a walk.” Doctor interrupts.

“Not particularly. I’m in the middle of a conversation.” I reply. Patiently. Rude!

I continue my conversation for maybe five minutes.

“You don’t need to go to the bathroom or touch up your make up?”

“No. I have a mirror in my purse. Did you want to go for a walk? You can go if you want to.” I assure her.

“I don’t know anyone and I came with you. Wouldn’t that look odd to walk alone?”

Thoroughly confused, “No. I wouldn’t think so.”

“Any idea how much longer this is going be?”

“No. Ya bored, Hon?” A little peturbed.

“Is it obvious? Am I being obnoxious?”

“Yea. A bit. Should we have brought coloring book or something?” I joke.

“Might have been a good idea.” She tells me. In complete seriousness!!

“I was kidding. You have your phone. How about you look at some houses. You like doing that.” Was all I could muster. Suddenly, feeling like a mother tending to a 2yr. old?!?!

Like a mother, I was incredibly annoyed with the incessant time inquiry. I was ready to go. I was somewhat upholding an obligation. These were people from work. While, I don’t work in some high powered line of business with suits and ties. It is work and we get very few social opportunities to make a good impression outside of the office.

We left. The tension in her junkyard Jeep was distinct. I was irritable and trying to process the whole thing.

My usual post date questionnaire. Am I being too critical? Too picky? Perhaps, the unexpected boredom of the reception made me more irritable than need be? Her lack of interest too get there on time? Not on board with me about professionalism? Work obligations?

Driving back to my car, she had asked if I minded us just parting ways. Said she just wanted to go home and watch some T.V. Relax.

Umm..yea..that’s totally cool. HOWEVER, it was you who was ridiculously excited about taking off the dress and lingerie after the wedding. Another bullshit desire..which would have helped her through the reception. She had mentioned playing with me under the table while I was wearing that outfit.

I’d rather risk a little playtime than the mother/toddler experience!

Pfft. All talk.

I said that I was fine with that. I was quite tired myself and ready to get home, actually.

“You’re not upset that I want to just go home and watch my shows? To be honest, I’d be a little insecure if you’d said that to me.” Doc shares.

“No. I was actually thinking the same thing. It’s been quite a day. I’d like to get out of this outfit. I’m a little hungry for a sandwich.”

We get back to my car. Exchange an odd kiss. She refuses to leave the parking lot until I’ve left. OK. That’s nice.

When I get home I tell my brother everything. He thought something was seriously wrong with this butch.

“I don’t care how tired you are. When a chick wears sexy lingerie, garter belt and thigh highs, with those shoes. You fuck her! No argument. You fuck her. Not just because she’s hot in all of that. But, it’s an appreciation thing. That shit is some serious effort. I don’t know how you girls do it. Appreciation.”

I concur, Bro. Totally concur. 😉

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