Bitch, Be Real!


Be Real by Antonio Stilla

    *Please excuse the profanity and extreme no no context of the words Bitch, Hooker, Hooka, and maybe a Hoe…Love y’all.*   What the fuck do you want? You know who deals with the backlash of this particular post?

Me! The bitch who is honest! The bitch who doesn’t play a bunch of fucking games.

I tell ya I don’t want something? I fucking mean it!

You wanna go play with your bois? Knock yourself out!

I don’t fucking care. 

You’re all so fucking worried about some sort of hidden consequence because of these other bitches who have fucked your fucking head up. Suddenly, I’m left having to answer repeatedly.

Yes, Dear. That’s fine. Go play. Because of trifflin’ hookas like y’all!


You’re giving me a headache and I don’t even know you! I don’t even want to know you! Like, see you in the street and I recognize your face. Barely know of you.


Say what you fucking mean!

What is so fucking difficult about that?!!?

Everyone wins when you say what you really mean! What you genuinely want! You have it off of your chest. They know what to do or not to do. Yadda Yadda!

Why the fuck do chicks have to make some stupid game out of every fucking thing and their life? Only to turn around and play like some sort of victim?

Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Really?

You pulled out the fuckin’ pieces. Neglected the provided instructions. Ya wanna bitch and moan when you’re sent to jail without collecting $200!?

I mean, be real from the very beginning!

You want a relationship with a butch? Then say so!

Don’t try to be this badass bitch knockin’ a butch down.

If all you want is sex? Say that’s what it is and fuckin’ mean it. Don’t make it out to be more than it was.

Why the hell would ya wanna mind fuck anyone like that?


Who the fuck wins in that scenario?


I’ll look at it one way. Probably for the feeble mind. Is sex your idea of winning? The idea that your pussy holds the greatest most powerful “O?”

Excuse me while I bust out in laughter!

No. Uh uh. Nope. Cute. Immature way of thinking. Small thinking. But, cute. Did you just graduate Jr. High? Because, last I checked sex and getting just pussy was a big deal then.

Not now. While we’re 25+ years old.

You can shave it, make cute little designs with your pubes. You can even bedazzle it.

I know! Kinda cool, right! 😉

But, it is not Oz.

Your pussy ain’t the end all be all to snatching a butch. You don’t assume that just because you’re fucking you’ve got them. You rule them. You own them. That they’re yours by any means.

Especially. Especially!

When you’ve told a butch that it is just sex! You have stated clearly that there are no emotions involved. Not to allow emotions. Not to even think about developing emotions. You have stated very clearly that the both of you are only there for each other’s parts!

You’re only an orgasm. She’s only an orgasm.

Our butches. Bless their hearts. Yes. My Southern ass is being sincere with that blessing! They are very straight forward creatures. If you like a butch and you want a butch. You have to say so…99.9% of the time. Be it sex, dating or commitment. With this information you should also know that what you say they take it for exactly what it is!

So, no. You can’t get all pissy when they decide to date someone else. It’s low of you to get out of sorts when the shit didn’t go your fuckin’ way because you couldn’t be honest!

You couldn’t be real!

Girls, don’t act like you’ve got a handle on your shit when, in fact, ya don’t. Don’t pretend to be this Badass Bitch when you’re really…a sleaze. A twit. A manipulative, deceitful, twit who likes to spin butches heads around. And one day. One day you foolish, silly little girl your pussy will stink. It will smell and reek so bad. That all those butches ya thought ya had heads spinning..will stop..collect themselves..and leave.

Because nobody likes being toyed with. Not in that sense. Nobody likes to be told one thing while having another actually being done.

Nobody likes a liar. A fake.  Be Real, Bitch.

Everyone wins.

You tell a butch you don’t like something. She’ll most likely avoid it. To the best of their ability. It’s Butch. It’s what they do. Try to keep us, Femmes, happy. But, when a femme abuses that power?

Tisk. Tisk.

*Leans into your ear*

As you may have noticed. Butch disappears. Becomes..disinterested. Which is sad, really.

Because she might have really liked you…

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