Sometimes I wonder how?

I wonder how you’d feel against my skin.

The touch of your lips to mine.

How deeply do you kiss?

Would we grab each other behind our necks to pull ourselves into each other?

I like to imagine our traveling hands.

Do you find one specific spot and stay there comfortably?

Wait for my signal?

Or would we explore?

Are we as intense as I imagine?

Do my toes curl?

Soft skin.

Smooth skin and sweet smells escape our pores.

Sweat, smiles and possibly a few tears.

Released fears.

A sacred high.

Our juices a persistent, calming drip between us.

Touches and taste and more touching.

Lost in an oblivion beyond sex. Beyond any fantasy.

Erect nipples perfected with kisses and twirling tongues.

Hair holding.


Hips moving to a rhythm of our own.

Our oblivion.

Our escape.



A calm fire.

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