I Live Under A Rock!!



Last night, Crush and I were on the phone. I told her I have a guilty pleasure listening to 90’s R&B music. Ya know? Kieth Sweat, Joe, Genuine? Reminded just how old these songs are when she says she has these songs on her old iPod!! These hits were out long before iPod!! She’s playing Dj as I’m listening and jammin’ through the phone. Good stuff. I screamed when I heard some distorted Def Leppard through my ear piece! I..uh..I listen to wide variety of music. Crush is going through her tunes. A little bit of each song I try to decipher through the phone.

This one song came on, “I know you gotta know this one.”

“I’m likin’ that. Who is that?” I ask.

“You don’t know who this is?” Clearly shocked. “She’s a lesbian!”

“Honey, I don’t like a lot of lesbian musicians. Teagan and Sara? Yea. Maybe one or two songs out of their entire career. Just because they’re lesbians doesn’t mean I like them!”

“She’s butch!” She goes on.

“Crush, I’m likin’ her a lot through the phone! Send me a link!”

She did and now this hottie has her own station on my iHeart! I’ve been listening all morning before work!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before? But, I’m a sucker for a musical butch! Baby, if you can play guitar, piano, and sing with all that fuckin’ swag?

I’m all over you!!

Hot points skyrocketed! Mmm Kristy Lee! And she’s Southern. Like Alabama Southern!! Oh such a drawl you’ve got!! Needless to say, I’m swooning..

Major kudos to Zac Brown Band (another favorite country band of mine) for playing with her. It’s a rare thang for country music stars to support the LGBTQ! Why do you think it took forever for Chely Wright to bust out of her closet? Gotta love the South. Hmpf! Good ol’ Boy crowd and all. Who by the way I admire but don’t really care for much of her music.

If you’ve heard Kristy Lee before? Awesome! You should have told me!! I just felt like sharing because I’m so shocked I haven’t heard her. I listen to country music and we all know how much I love them butches. And now you know I’m a major sucker for the musically inclined bois! Yum!

Apparently, I should schedule another road trip sometime. Alabama is just down the road from Texas. 😉

4 thoughts on “I Live Under A Rock!!

  1. Okay, if you like 90s R & B and Kristy Lee, I’ll check her out. I’m not usually a fan of lesbian music either. Too granola, normally. Thanks for the recommendation!

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