She’s Still Single!!

It has come to my attention many a time through cyberspace that folks (lesbians especially) do not understand dating. I get this one particular question so often it makes me scream. Yes. Scream. To me it’s so fucking obvious. Maybe, because I am femme and these are butches inquiring.


“If she says she likes me? Then why is she flirting or dating other butches?”

<Face palm>

Honey, c’mere. This might hurt a bit because I notice you’ve misplaced your proverbial balls.

She’s still single!!

Mhm. Still. Shocking? I know. I’ve met her and I think she’s a pretty kickass chick! And gorgeous!! Hello!

Clearly, not by her choice. Obviously. Since you know that she likes you. She wouldn’t have said that she likes/wants you unless she, in fact, likes/wants to be with you! Femmes don’t like rejection either. We’re some serious women. Rejection hurts everyone on some level.

At some point, femmes/women realized that fairy tales are a load of shit! At some point, we smacked our foreheads and discovered that bullshit from Hollywood doesn’t happen. Reality bites and all of that. 😉

If a woman is single she’s going to behave as such until a butch puts her boot down.  Once I say that I like a butch and I’m rejected a couple of times by said butch? I move the fuck on. Three strikes you’re out is the only thing I’ve gained from baseball.

We might still long for you. Still hope that maybe you’ll come around. In the meantime and in between time. We’re single.

Don’t like it? Butch up.

While a woman is single? There is public flirting. This is not a stab at you. Get over yourself. This is her…still single. 😉 While she’s single? She might be offered a date. Again, this is not a game, Handsome.

She’s still fucking single.

Not that she wants to be, obviously. She spoke to you about it. Confessed that you’re the one she wants.

How many times does a girl need to be rejected by you? That’s not nice at all. Honestly, makes me wonder why the hell she even keeps trying.

Speaking for myself there too. Like I said. We might still long for you.

While she is single? It is not your business as to why she does what she does and with who. If ya wanted that sort of information? Ya had your chance when she confessed her feelings to you..for you. She’s not obligated to tell you about her midnight rendezvous. She doesn’t have to tell you why she suddenly needs to get off the phone. Exit a coffee date. Or not answer you at all.

You want a relationship with the single lady? Say so! If you want that single woman? Do something! Anything and she’ll be yours! Some of us fierce femmes get tired of slamming you bois with blocks of wood. Some of us just want out of the entire lumber yard and jump into the ocean.

Clearly, we’re not getting anywhere ’round the forest. Everyone keeps talkin’ about more fish in the sea, right?

I don’t mean to sound like such a dick. Like I said, it’s pretty fucking obvious. Don’t like her flirting and dating? Bust a damn move! You got it easy. She gave you the friggin’ go ahead when she told you that she likes you! Are you a 2×4 Butch or do you need the entire house to fall on you?!?!

7 thoughts on “She’s Still Single!!

  1. Amen! Talking to a Butch at the moment and I told her how I felt, let her know all kinds of ways that she needed to formally/officially ask that we be in an exclusive relationship and she DID NOT GET IT! :::eyeroll:::

    Once I made it absolutely clear that I was actively looking and she would not be my only option… she caught on and made a decent effort. smh

    Just say what’s on your mind Butches… damn!

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  2. Perfection! Twice, I told mine I was interested and that she better ask me out properly. She caught on quick, she knew there wouldn’t be a third request.

    Remember for that tough exterior they are kinda mushy underneath and (I’ll say it)…vulnerable.

    Liked by 2 people

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