Unintentional Resolutions


I think, I might have posted before regarding New Year’s and my thoughts on resolutions. I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions. I like to think that if there is something I really want to change in my life? A certain day on the calendar isn’t going to tell me when to make it happen!

However, with that in mind last year. I happened to start a resolution to travel more. I believe with gas prices, flights and hotel costs rates being what they are. I did a fairly good job. I’m not done traveling by any means! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing people who I have known online for years! I visited New York City, Cabo San Lucas, New Orleans and Florida! Not too shabby. 2013 flew right by. With the traveling, I feel like my mind and sense of self has made another transition. Broader. Ya know? Like broadening your horizons.

My world in Houston has blossomed. This blog has some ups and downs. I’ve met some really fucked up individuals through this thing. But, some life long friends! I’ve had some pretty cool opportunities. Judging for Butchlesque and a short time in an online magazine. No. I’m not sure what happened there.

I have followers sharing me around to their friends. V.V. you little slut. 😉 Mhm. And don’t you ever forget it! How cool is this shit?!!?

This year’s unintentional resolution is to be a Yes Ma’am! Yes to traveling and yes to new things!

After a year of traveling, meeting people and scoping out events in other cities. I’ve made it a bit of an unintentional habit to scout events in my own city. H-Town is a very busy city. But, you wouldn’t know this unless you’re actually looking for things to do.

On my days off, I’m making it a point to look in the Facebook events section and make it out to anything I possibly can!

It just kinda happened. The week after I got back from Florida I wasn’t ready to just sit at home on my weekend. My little brother, who is my temporary roommate was off for the night. It was time to eat. I didn’t get to the grocery store yet. Had a gift card for a few places a couple of the which neither of us have ever been to.

To Macaroni Grill we went! Delicious! I hate to sound so tired with Italian food. But, it’s all pasta, Alfredo or marinara sauce to me. So, my food didn’t seem that big of a new experience.

The wine, however! Yum! Not really a fan of red wine. It has too much bite to it and dries my mouth. Ugh!

18 Hands was so smooth. I’ve found my red wine of choice. 🙂 My little brother decided to draw on the paper table cloth. I’m guessing it was intended to keep kids at the table occupied. My brother is 25. 😉 Always refreshing to be reminded that I’m not the only kid/adult in the world!

After signing the bill, we figured we weren’t done yet. What else can we do or go to that’s different.

“Ever heard of Corkscrew?” He asks. There are many places I’ve heard of yet never been.

Wine bar with a piano and I was sold!


On a Wednesday night we knew there wouldn’t be too much happening. When we walked in, I was expecting a piano in operation. Bartender confirmed that the band plays on Thursday and Saturday nights. Still, a great night out with the little bro. One glass of their wine and we were tired.

Ya think I’m getting old? Two glasses of wine for the evening and I’m ready to go home. It was all so spur of the moment. A nice, relaxed evening out.

This past week, I met Roomie at her favorite bar on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday there was a drag show at EJ’s Bar Houston!

Haven’t been to a drag show in a long time. Let alone a drag show with a Drag King in it! Lawd! That was many years ago. Like Chances days, long time ago!!

Temptress and I met up at EJ’s! V.V. needs to hang out with more locals! LOL!

Low and behold just before Temptress came into the bar. I ran into a Facebook fan and new V.V. follower!

Crossing paths the both of us look at each other with that look. Ya know the look?

“I know you…” Quick. Face to face introductions and exchange of cell numbers before greeting Temptress. Grabbing a drink and getting settled.

We watched the show. The bartender was sweet and awesome! One of the Drag Kings is a friend of mine on Facebook. I wanted to drop dollars so bad. Of course, I came unprepared without cash! Grrr! She rocked!! The costume, performance and song choices! Can’t wait to see again!

Temptress headed to the bathroom and I stayed giving my appreciation to the bartender for replying to my email regarding show times. My phone has been a little off on time. I had set an alarm clock for 8:30AM and it told me I had 6 days and so many hours for it to go off.


She was really quick to get back at me with the times. Whew! Thank you. Typical femme…I was a little late.

*Looks up innocently* I was also busy texting a butch. I don’t text and drive. So, ya know.

Temptress runs up to me from the bathroom, “They do free testing here!!”

I get it! I totally get why butches think the world of us femmes sometimes. The way we get so excited over the simplest things. It’s touching. Adorable. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the place coming at me like this.

“Free testing for what, Dear?” I ask.

“HIV testing. Right over there. Ya wanna do it with me?”

“Uh yea! Of course I do!” I love that it’s offered. Provided by HACS (Houston Area Community Services).


Granted, a little uneasy about needles exposed in a bar. Everything was perfectly sanitary. He even had a paper table cloth over the bar table. Gloves, packaged needles. The works. OCD reassurance? Approved! HIV and Hepatitis C testing done in minutes!

Results are in by the time the tech bandaged me up! V.V. is in the clear, by the way. 😉 HACS provides this free testing at several Houston area locations. Not just at EJ’s on Wednesday nights. 😉

Yes Ma’am! 2014 is already lookin’ pretty, fuckin’ kick ass! 😀

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