What’s in a name?

One of my best butch friends told me that she named her dick!

Well, you know me! I had to ask around!!

This is why I love having a butch friends. Any conversations I have with a butch is always interesting. They’re all so different from each other except for one similarity. They’re butch.

It doesn’t seem to be a very popular thing to do. Or that’s what the outcome of my inquiry showed. I understand it’s a very personal thing.

Pssh. Then inbox me about it. Keeping yourself totally secret.

Y’all know that I have my own cock. It’s flesh colored and it is mine. Though, I don’t hold it to the same degree butches do.

Mine is a dildo. It’s a toy. Another tool in my toy drawer that I use on myself and sometimes another woman.

Therefore, I don’t name mine. It is not a part of me. It is a strap-on, dildo, toy, chick with a dick sort of mentality.

For butches it is a piece of them.


An extension of themselves.

A nameless piece  seems to be the case regardless if you’re butch or stone butch.

One femme reminded me that some butches feel that their dick stops when their actual flesh stops. As I call it a Butch Clit. The butches I have dated do not feel that way. So, ignorantly, I forgot that bit.

The one that they buy or put on is theirs.

I have named only one dick in my lifetime. It was a massive, black 13″ cock we used. Felt like my insides we’re being stretched out. In an, “Oh my God good way.” LOL!

I will confess that my breasts and pussy have names. I think it is more in jest, though.

Pushing up my boobs in my bra. Adjusting the girls. I don’t out right say, “Yea Baby! Twist Thelma or Louise!”

It’s more of a personal thought, sort of thing. For me anyway.

Example: Getting ready for a hot date. “All right Thelma and Louise! Looking good, girls!”

So, if you’d like to share. Do you name that package? What do you name it? how did you come up with the name?

Maybe your girlfriend/wife dubbed it Crawl The Warrior King? 😉 How did that happen?

Or is your hard on one that must not be named?

8 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Right! All in good fun, I say! My right boob is Louise and the left is Louise. For reasons I can’t explain, really. One is slightly bigger than the other. Naturally. One seems to be a bit responsive than the other too.
    My pussy’s name is Killer! In jr. high I had a sticker that read, “I’ve got a killer pussy.” Well…it tends to have a mind of it’s own sometimes! LOL! *MEOW*


  2. My biggest cock is called Big Boy. I don’t have a name for my packy but call it my package. With the other two fucking cocks that I have, I call them by their product names, Goodfella and Mr. Bendy.


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