Just Another Rainy Day in H-Town??



I love the rain. I enjoy the smell when the clouds roll in. I love opening my windows, sitting on the couch and grabbing my book. Completely taking in the flashes of lightening, sounds of thunder and raindrops outside. The sound of water droplets hitting the world outside.

Lately. Like, this year alone. I’ve grown a phobia for the rain. I don’t mean that I’m running to the madhouse so fucking scared out of my wits phobia. More like, should I stay or should I go phobia.

My first car ever was a Chevy Cavalier. Low to the ground, sporty looking, little four banger.


Not once did I get flooded out!! Not once!! Ever!

Mind you I drove to work through typically expected flood areas and made it safe and sound! My boss was flabbergasted wondering how the fuck I made it in. Then told me that they were closing for the day and I could go home.

What? Yea. Back through the storm I drove in my little Betty the Chevy.

Didn’t skid and did not get flooded.

Next vehicle up was Thelma, the Ford Ranger. I skidded out with that going through a big puddle on 288 South. That was scary as fuck!! It wasn’t raining. It had rained earlier in the day. Hence the big puddle. Traffic was flying. I could’ve been hit flying across the road like that.

Scared the shit out of my Dad.

I had no idea how easily the light weight tail end of the truck would swerve like that.

Next car was a Lincoln Cartier, Sheila. The wifey mobile. Drove that big body through all sorts of weather. No skidding out and certainly no flooding. Windy days? No problem. LOL!

Next up?

Toyota Solera. I wasn’t a fan of having such a sporty car again. Cop magnet. I loved that cops didn’t mess with me flying by them 80mph in the Lincoln. That was really my only perk with that car! Didn’t have the Toyota long enough to think of a name. Didn’t much care for it. It was a car to be mine in a hurry. Something way cheaper than putting gas in my grandfather’s big Cadillac while getting on my feet after the divorce.

Low and behold. That vehicle’s airbag went off randomly while I was making a turn from a red light. In the ditch the car and I fell. A deep ditch.

One of the most terrifying experiences in my life. I’ve never had anything randomly go off in or on my car!!! As I’m turning at a four way intersection! At night!

Nope. Never getting a Toyota again.

Not worth the money for repairs on the Toyota. I had just received my income tax. Yep. Got another car.

I fell in love with my little PT Cruiser. I wanted a truck again. But, I needed a car in a hurry. All the way out in Magnolia, donated the Toyota to breast cancer research, 1,000 bucks to put down.

Whipper Snapper became mine! For a 2005 car with only 75,000 miles on it. I considered the deal a good one!

Until it rained. Hard and pounding rain on my way into work. It floods really bad around my job. I was doing fine until people sat all day at a red light.

“That’s right. Let’s flood our cars sitting at a light where there is no oncoming traffic.”

Just go!! Pulled into the entrance. No high water. Made my turn to the lot. No curbs or anything to gauge the water level.

“Roooom.” Whipper Snapper was starting to struggle.

Was able to pull into another lot where my car stalled out. Called one of my coworkers to pick me up in a work truck.

Freaking out. Thinking I’m gonna have to put money into getting another fucking car!!!

When shift was over. My coworker drove me out to my car. Waited to be sure it was going to start and it did! 🙂

Ok. Awesome! Still got a car!

Another terrible rainy day? It was night time. I was just getting off shift. Crossed one intersection and it started pounding down!! Couldn’t see in front of my bumper hard rain!!!

So late at night, it was difficult to find a well lit area to wait out the rain. Trying to get somewhere safe. I knew there was a grocery store shortly up the road. No problem.


Fuck no!!! Not here! This is where the phobia seriously began.

Ever been stuck in your car? In the dark? In pounding rain? With other cars zipping by you? Splashing water all around you? Your vehicle seeming to be slushing about the road with every passing car!!!!

Every time a car was driving by me? A huge wave slammed against the back of my Cruiser!!! I thought these cars were hitting me!! It was water! Every fucking time they drove by a huge wave would roam over my hood.

Scared. Freaking out. “Is that going to get in the engine?”

I found myself screaming at the passing cars, “Stop it! Stop it! Please!”

Looking back on it. Yes. I admit. Pathetic.

I was genuinely scared. And yes. I do wander how a real disaster might affect me. LOL!

Hopefully, at work. Where I am in a work zone! LOL!

After the rain had calmed and the water receded. You bet your ass I smoked a damn cigarette! Trudging through the flooded street. Still getting rained on. Yes. It was totally worth it.

I was calm. A wrecker came by offering to remove my car. Hmm..ok how much.

Ha! No thanks. I have roadside assistance and my job has an awesome wrecker I use regularly!

Now that I think about it. I need to get something for him for Christmas. This dude has been like a roadside father figure. LOL!!

Fortunately, I had battery power left on the cell to call him the second I stalled out. He had a difficult time getting there with all the flooding!!!!

The wrecker that stopped in front of me made some threat about the city towing my car and fining me. I laughed and said I got someone on the way allot cheaper than a hundred something bucks! The water had just started going down. I think the city has to deal with the traffic lights and many other cars on the road than those stranded. Like ya know…accidents from slick roads.

The wrecker drove off to the next business gig and an older man with an umbrella was walking toward me.

“Is that one yours?” He asked.

A little worried about answering. I just shook my head.

Hey! People be crazy during stressful times.

“C’mon. Let’s see if we can get it out of the middle of the road.”

No problem! And we did!

My wrecker showed up shortly after!

YAY!! Work wrecker to the rescue!!! 😀

We pulled into a Chevron to see if we could save my car. Air filter…drenched!! When he took that out the car started! YAY! I still have a car!!!

First thing the next day, I hit up the auto-parts store by my apartment.

“Do you need help putting that in?” The clerk asked.

I gave him a real fucked up look, “Uh no. Thanks but, it’s just a couple of snaps.”

With all of this in mind. Yea…I’m so done driving in the rain!!!

Done!! If it’s raining? My happy ass will stay at work, at home, at where ever!! Not driving!! LOL!

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