Busy Busy Body!!!





I have a jam packed week!!!

Aside from prepping for Butchlesque!!! 😀 Can you tell I’m just a bit crazy about this event? LOL!

This week is cray-cray!!

My little brother is moving in with me. I live in a tiny apartment. Perfect for myself and kitty!! Wonder how cramped it’s gonna be? Kitty can be a bit of psycho!! She’s still a kitten and hasn’t stopped the whole clawing your legs. She thinks it’s playing. She plays rough.


We’re setting him up a cot in the living room and he can take the entire bottom half of the book shelves. Is it possible to be excited and nervous at the same time?

I’ve grown so comfortable with my own little space. I walk in the door from work. Kitty greets me at the door to tell me about her day. I swoop her up in my arms and set her down after a few moments of her purring. Switch out of my uniform and into my pj’s. Grab a glass of water to have beside me as I read myself to sleep. Or practice Spanish or word-search. Exciting routine, huh? He keeps crazy hours with work too. So, the likelihood of us crowding each other might be pretty slim.

This week he’s moving in and I seem to be taking off the second he gets settled!

We’ve arranged for him to bring his stuff and get keys made on Tuesday!! Then Wednesday, I’m heading to Alvin to meet up with my ol’ Rommie!! A little bit of catching up and AbFab!!!

“Sweetie! Sweetie! Dahling!!”


If you don’t know about AbFab get the fuck off this blog! Seriously!

LOL! Just kidding!! 😉 I’m the chunky, goofy Eddi and Roomie is Pats.

Yes. We do that when we watch this show! Shit! When we got home from New York we had an AbFab marathon night. Complete with champagne, smokes and sugar cookies!

Then when I get back from Alvin!! I go to work and head to Magnolia after shift on Friday!!!

Girl’s Night!! My best friend from high school is coming into town with her daughter for a big slumber party at my mom’s house!!

*Sigh* It’s these times that get me so ridiculously excited!!! Been dying for a break drive out to my friend’s place for awhile now!! Luck would have it, she’s got a reason to come into my neck of the woods!!!


Her daughter and my niece will be dressing up in their best Monster High costumes while the adults indulge in playing catch up with wine!!

Party at Mom’s House!!! Yea!!

Love crazy, busy hectic weeks!!! 🙂

I’m sorry!! But who gets two awesome girl’s night!?!??!

Did I mention that at some point I need to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store and my regular cleaning?!!??!?! 😉

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