Show Me How You BUTCHlesque!!!


Guess what I’m doing for New Years!!!

Straight off of my shift I’ll be puttin’ along I-10 to Florida to make it to this very event!

I’m so excited!!!!

A single femme on New Years surrounded by a bunch of butches!! Yes! I think I will!! To top it all off a handsome catwalk filled with butches struttin’ their stuff!!

Are any of my femme sisters drooling with me?!?!!?

I’ll be sharing a room with another hottie femme! Meeting up with friends I have known on the web for a long time!!


I’m sooo stoopid excited!!! 😀 😀

I have a few things I need to do before the big event!! Aside from putting my hotel and gas money aside! LOL!

I have this really cool dress I bought a year ago! I was going to donate it. Since I have lost some weight it’s a little big on me. The dress is so fucking awesome!!!! I can’t part with it. Instead, I’m going to get it altered. I need to squeeze in some time to get my car checked out for such a drive!!

15 hours!!! So wishing I had a road trip buddy!! Another femme to get ridiculously excited with on the road! Feels like Christmas!!!

But it’s not!!

It’s gonna be for New Year’s Eve!!!

I might be a single femme for New Years! I definitely won’t be alone!!!!

Debating on wearing my purple stilettos while being around all these HOT bois!!! Might get a little weak in the knees. 😉

Have y’all checked the Butch line Up!?!?!?! O! M! G!!!

I know. Seems like quite a drive for New Year’s and some bois. Hush your damn mouth!!!

I’m meeting friends that I haven’t met but have known, love and care over a long period of time. One of which I gladly consider my Lesbian Mama!! Friends that have witnessed my dating drama through the cyber world and stand with me.

I’m looking forward to being surrounded by butches. Don’t get me wrong about that at all! However, I’m extremely excited to see these people I call friends!

I have high hopes of making new friends. Possibly more travels!! 😀

Traveling is getting a bit debatable. I’ve been thinking about setting up coffee dates or something with some people who live a little closer. LOL! Who knows? Maybe said local friends and I can make road trip plans together!

OMG Fun!! Yes. I said that in my best high pitched girly voice ever!!!

I’m getting excited. Crazy excited!

Single life fucking rocks!!!! 

Wow! Now that I think about it…I need to get a charger for my camera!!! Must take pics of such a fun filled night! So many plans are already in the works!!!

Le sigh…Counting the days…

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