Non-Political Lesbian Blogger??



I think that I’m one of the few homo bloggers that refuses to blog about political issues.

I have many reasons behind this observation. One being. It’s politics. And while the government would like you to believe that everything is up to us and all of that hooplah. Well, it’s not really, is it? Just look outside your door where every other person’s rights are being stripped from them!

Would I love to see changes in acceptance among LGBTQ and heterosexual people! You bet your donkey’s ass I would! Do I sincerely believe it will happen one day? Yes. Yes I do. Granted it is at a disgustingly slow rate than some civil cases. I know it will happen.

BadAss and I hit up JR’s Pub in Houston last night and the straight male parking attendant made a comment that didn’t sit too comfortably with me.

“They leave the straight guy out here doing all the work.” He said.

Hmm…at least you’re a male. There’s one privilege you have over the two lesbians that stand before you. You’re guaranteed higher pay and respect anywhere you go.

You’re a straight male. More pay and respect among the general public. Welcome to the gayborhood! Where you are the minority. 😉

We had made some comments as we walked away. Unsure if the guy had heard us or not. Don’t care if he did. Even though he knew which car was mine. Anything can happen in a city parking lot, right?


I don’t care to make a big deal out of every little drop of movement we make. I’m glad. I’ve come close to crying with new announcements. And it could be because it doesn’t affect me. Though, I didn’t vote for her. It’s a big deal for Houston, Tx to have an out lesbian mayor!

As I am a femme lesbian. I “pass” as a straight woman everyday. It is my butch counterparts that endure work discrimination and real scrutiny when we go out in public. They’re the heathens that corrupted this pretty little gal.

Yea. Ok. *Rolls Eyes*

If anything I’m actually the one doing the corrupting! 😉


Back to the lesbian mayor bit. I don’t indulge in the same political slogans that everyone falls privy to during elections. When Obama was up for election. I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t fall into the same-sex marriage winning the democratic, minority vote that most of my friends fell in love with.

Ain’t my style, yo.

I spend a lot of time reading the news and looking into bigger pictures rather than the Gay Agenda.



I know we’ll get ours. However, there are far more important issues that occupy my mind than my right to marry the woman of my dreams. Might, I remind the world that I don’t even believe in marriage in the first place. Even if I were to consider marriage again? I’d still keep everything pretty damn separate. Because I’ve been tossed to the curb with the co-dependent nature that is marriage. And I dare not experience that ever. Ever again.

No. My personal views on marriage do not cause me to keep other people from their rights to marry.

I vote. That is the extent of my political agenda. If there is a protest to join? I’m off of work? Consider my picket held firm!

Bottom line. People have their own view on things. People were raised differently than I or you. Just like can’t change people. With each new generation there is a shift in the world.

Being a lesbian. Being a blogger who can tell people the struggles we deal with and what we want from our country. Hmm..again..not really my style. One major reason. I’m tired of the hetero retort that we’re striving for attention.

I’m not out there wanting attention. If anything, I feel that the older I’ve gotten and given my experiences I’ve fallen into a bit of a recluse. I’m coping with that myself.

Just don’t like people in general. Be they gay, straight, lesbian, heterosexual, queer..any of the other names you give each night.

With new states throughout the nation opening their arms to same-sex marriage. We’ll get ours. And I am all too aware that my living in Texas makes me the last state.

I just choose to live my life. Be happy in it. Live as normal possible without having to make some statement everywhere I turn. Yes. I chill in my little Houston gayborhood. I’m comfortable there. I don’t keep a lot of friends because a lot of friends bring trouble and drama. And that’s not my thing. I don’t care for huge debates that rests over coffee or wine. One last sentence at the end of an ashy cigarette.

Sorry, I’m just a little more concerned about education hitting the crapper! A little more worried about Detroit basically sustaining ghetto status for the country. Wondering where the hell all those criminals are going to go?!?! I’m wondering why my groceries are more expensive yet rot much faster? Curious to know if the water I’m drinking is actually drinkable? Just how much information can you find on one individual with the right tools? Is privacy really all that private? Should I delete this blog, my personal Facebook, as well as this Facebook? Should I rid myself of new technology and resort back to the old talk and text phones. Old phones don’t have GPS where anyone. ANYONE can find out where you and your children are!


I’m concerned about human trafficking being a muffled, white-picket fence American secret. The rights that I do carry being torn to shreds and people not giving a damn about what our forefathers and mothers tried to accomplish because everyone’s head is so far up their own ass with their own personal problems! They fail to see bigger pictures in this Great Land of the Fucking Free Country!

I’m concerned about people falling off the deep end. Your average Joe not needing a clean mental history in order to just loose his shit one day! Then the government using that Average Joe to wipe out my fucking right to carry!

No. V.V. does not care to discuss politics on here! It’s a giant, nasty web of bullshit that I simply don’t have the time nor patience for.


4 thoughts on “Non-Political Lesbian Blogger??

  1. Great article! I’m only one of 2 female IT Engineers on our team at work and we make less $$ than the guys… and the single guys make less than the ones who have families to support. That’s pretty messed up. I probably got docked for being a lesbian too for all I know.

    Bravo for a good article…. V.V.


  2. Thank you for commenting, Roxi St. Clair!! You’re probably right about being docked for being a lesbian. On top of that if you’re butch!! What sucks is that we’ll never really know for sure. Because the sleazeballs will never own up to it. You just keep kicking ass at what you do. Who knows? Maybe you’ll fatten that resume up and someone will take you on and give even higher pay!
    It’s a sick world we’re living in. Sick world! 😉


  3. Great read VV…I am just as discouraged as you…and the next American in line…it all just sucks wind. What we NEED is a fucking revolution, but not enough of our citizens even know HOW our government works, who their elected officials ARE, nor do they CARE. WE have become a nation full of apathy. We’re only concerned with what goes on in our own backyards, and truth be known the government and politicians LIKE it that way. Keeping us as ignorant and in the dark as possible is key to their agenda I believe. I too am concerned about what I consider to be much more important issues than the right to marry, hell I say abolish ALL marriage and we can kill 2 birds with one stone, because that would take care of messy divorces too! ok…I am about to rant on your blog…hehehe…politics just fires me up…oh and I am doing the work of 3 men it seems most days at HD…I wonder about the pay-scale…hmmm


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