Here Ye! Here Ye! Lords & Wenches!!


The Fall and Winter months bring on a slew of traditions I have been wholeheartedly a part of for as long as I can remember!!

Breaking into Autumn with the annual Renaissance Festival!!! My family and I have been attending this event since I was a teenager!! It’s become more “kid friendly” over the years. What can you do? So the vulgar jokes as you stroll along in your breathtaking corsets have ceased. For fear of little ears over hearing. The shows remain the same.

When the gates open at the fair there is the parade which is followed by the Chainmail (sp?)show!!!

YES!! Women in nothing but chainmail dancing around on a balcony for all of us “Oooh” and “Aaah” at their gorgeous…*ahem* pieces. On a serious note it is a good show. The workmanship of the shop the show is held over is incredible!!

Mad skillz, me Lord! 😉 Yes, the pieces are pricey! He can do custom work too! They are well worth every shilling spent for the links!!

I typically dress up for the occasion. However, I’ve been so distracted spending my hard earned dough on travels!! The hunt for a costume totally escaped me!!

The coolest thing about being a little fashionista like myself. And crafty! And superb knowledge about costume attire at The Texas Renaissance Fair. I’m tossing clothes around in my mental closet..thinking I might be able to whip something up! Fortunately, I have an underbust I could work with. Long skirt to hike up, my boots and some sort of top that shows the goodies. Boom! A wench!

I’m going opening weekend so guess what that means?!?!?!

BadAss will be joining me!!!!

*Cough* * Cough* And a chunk of family members. The Mom, sister, two brothers with their girlfriends and my two little nieces!!!

Sorry…but ya did say you’ve never been to a Renaissance Festival, right?

Shaky, nervous, oh so sorry hand out, “Here’s your ticket.”

At the end of our week long date she will be meeting the rowdy bunch! She’ll have to buck up to take on the intimidating ones!! We’re loud. We’re fucking crude! We can be pretty damn rude! But, we’re all fucking unbelievably honest!

Gotta get credit for that, right?!?!?

I’ll pull us away to go see my traditional show in the Gypsy Corner at the Fair!!

Belly dancers!!!!

Yes! Fill your mugs to the brim with the finest mead of the land and enjoy the show! The scenery! Never mind the Old English language. After a few rounds of brew it kinda gets zoned out anyway!!!

Did ya catch that about BadAss?? Week long date!! Trying my damnedest not to take on overtime! Trying to find fun things to show her around Htown!!! Besides me, of course!! 😉

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