Ladies! We Need To Talk!!


Butch isn’t attracted to a hoe! Butch, definitely isn’t attracted to a woman who wants to treat Butch like a hoe!!

Granted, Butch might be interested in a roll around in Femme’s hay. But, she’s not gonna stay in the barn.

Comprende? 😉

I’ve seen it way too often and have heard too many stories. I have experienced enough myself.

Yes. I’ve been a bit of a whore with any butch that showed interest. Five years with the same woman is a long time of prudish behavior. So, when I broke it off. I went a little crazy once it clicked that I was seriously single! It’s quite normal for anyone.

You run free!

Nobody to tell who, when or how! Not giving a hoot as to why! You’re just doing!

It’s an interesting sort of release.

If you’re one that is looking, wanting and ready for a Real Butch?

Ya gotta act and behave like a Real Femme.

Ya get what ya give is the expression!

Respect yourself and you’ll be respected! 😉

If you lack any other qualities besides your goodies? Expect nothing more in return!

When talking to a butch? All you wanna do is send dirty pictures or talk dirty to her? Expect to be quickly catergorized in the booty call list on her cell phone and friend’s list. Or not be categorized at all. As far as she’s concerned you’re nothing but a fuck. And if you’re trying to chase a real thing. Real thing isn’t interested in hoochie. She want’s more.

You’re not relationship material with this behavior. You might not even be friend material.

“For a good time call ### ### ####” The good ol’ days of bathroom stall graffiti. No respectable woman wants to see her shit plastered on the walls where she takes a piss!!

Ladies! Femmes! Come the fuck on!!

No! Wait! Stop coming!!

Stop cumming all over the place!! It’s trashy!

“Lady in the streets but a freak in the bed!”-Usher

Wise words oh talented one! Wise words!

Just to that I clarify things here. I’m not talking about what you wear. I’m discussing behavior! I dress to show a little somethin’ somethin’. But, I still like to leave some mystery. You can dress a little scandalous without behaving as such.

I understand and can relate to wanting to let someone know that you like them. I also, know that there are a ton 2×4 butches out there and us femmes need to be the one to smack ’em with said 2×4!! Get to know her a little and figure out where her boundaries are as far as flirting. If you pay attention you’ll know how to go about it. Some butches, you can be sprawled out naked on their bed and they’d still be clueless that you want them on a serious level!! Some you have to just flat out tell them.

“Butch, I like you. I’ve been liking you for sometime.” Quote Femme.

Butch response, “What? You do?”

Frustrated Femme, “Oh! My God! I’ve been flirting with you for months.”

Confused and puzzled Butch, “You have? When?”

LOL! Something like that. Yes. It’s frustrating. But, it does get the job done in some cases! 😉

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