Testing..1..2..3. Is This Thing On?



I had started this blog while I was a housewife with Ex-Hubby. I wanted somewhere to vent. I believe I managed to put out like two blogs and then we/I had called it quits. 

I wanted to keep the venting alive. Trying to remain vulnerable. To keep myself open. Expressive. I had started out with only a couple of followers. One of which knew me from another site I used to blog for with Ex-Hubby. The break up was public in a very embarrassing way. There was no talking to anyone. Friends were pulled in every direction. I didn’t want to blog for that particular host anymore anyway, honestly. So, I was glad that Ex-Hubby was favored there. I was done with the people there. And quite frankly, I was done with the blog host. I was done with her before the break up, actually.

When a femme sends a married butch pictures of her in lingerie…it is perfectly natural to wonder just how close some friendships are. Damn my traditional values while living a nontraditional life!

With the few followers I had started out with are still here. For that I’m appreciative. I’ve gained so many followers compared to where this little diary has started out.

I kick myself sometimes when I encounter a moment of writer’s block. Over analyzing as to why? Why would one have writer’s block while there are so many thoughts brewing in my head.

I’ve grown close to some of y’all. Adding me on Facebook and then messaging me. I’ve met some great people. And I fear that that may be what holds me back a little from writing about some things.

“Relying on other people to make you happy. Gives them the power to disappoint you.”-V.V.

I’ve taken to heart what some people have said about my posts. I’ve been called misogynistic, racist and a sexist. My lesbianism was even in question. Fatphobic was another. That can’t be so, as I myself, am not of a model’s physic. Nor do I recall ever dating anyone that didn’t have some meat on her! I was referring to this particular women’s eating habits and was totally thrown out of proportion. Go figure…lesbians.

*Rolls eyes*

For a community that is so tired of being judged, themselves. We sure are quite judgmental ourselves!

I will try to push through my being a little camera shy because people I actually know in real life are reading. I will continue to make this space my venting ground. I should be glad that those I do know are reading. And wanting to talk about the posts with me. Talk. Not argue. 😉 That is letting me know that they are curious to dig deeper and fully understand.

I can’t let those that jump to conclusions and wanting to start fights tear this down. Especially, when they don’t know me. Nor are they even trying to get to know me. Or just simply understand the subject matter.

Must remember that opinions are like assholes…everyone’s got one. 😉

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