Lemme Tell Y’all About Bad Ass!


What started as a few Twitter comments and messages has turned into this sort of long distance dating? Is that possible while living so many states away? Is it still dating?

Not like you can ring a gal up and ask her out to dinner!!

It’s decision making in the most hardcore form! Possibly taking vacation time from work. Flight schedules and packing. And not the fun kind!!

No! 😦

Like clothes, and how many ounces of shampoo is acceptable in a carry on?

Keep in mind that I’ve been very wary of dating!! For many reasons. I’m seriously trying to figure out what it is that I really want in another partner. I know that I do need strength.

I need a butch to be incredibly strong and tough. Can stand up for herself and us. I can’t be more butch than my potential butch. I need her to be strong enough to know that when I’m dealing my PMDD that she can’t fix anything. Ya gotta let me just ride it out.

That one is pretty big.

She needs to know that I’m a tough ass woman…I need her to be OK with that and compliment it at the same time. I don’t mean that she actually gives me compliments. Meaning, she’s gotta be a tough cookie too! 😉 Those are my key points. My highest priority. Not only because it’s what I actually need. It’s actually what I’m incredibly drawn to!

All right. As busy as I seem. It is mostly work and home. Shopping for the home and kicking ass in the gym. And let me tell you. 😉 I am kicking ass in the gym!

Side note: I went down two pant sizes and have literally lost 15lbs! That’s a total of 25-30lbs since I’ve been single! I have muscles again!!! I feel them working after a day of working out! It’s fucking awesome!

*Patting myself on the back* 😀

OK! Back on topic! This boi and I have been chatting through Twitter and then Facebook. I eventually gave her my number. Wouldn’t you know a day or two before leaving for Cabo! Go me! Ha!

Anytime I felt that she was coming on too strong with the flirting I’d tell her so. And she’d take it down. Where most get all bent out of shape about that shit. She cooled off. OK. Awesome. 😉

Yes. It took me off guard. Yes. I was expecting a, “Dayum! You’re a bitch.” As that is the typical response.

After a few good conversations of getting to know each other. My vacationing in Cabo and still able to communicate via Facebook messenger things kept getting more interesting.

It was pretty funny how she kept skirting around the skin tone issue. Because she started out following my blog she knows that I don’t typically date dark skin tones. But, she never out right asked, “Is it a problem that I’m black?” Just tip toed around it. I’d smile when she’d bring it up about not being my usual type. Me. Being the blunt gal I am. I asked the question for her.

Folks! That blog was saying that I don’t typically date darker skin tones. It has nothing to do with the person. I’m either not attracted or haven’t been asked out. One of those has to come into play if there is to be a date of any sort!


She’s a Cancer like myself. Which, I’m not gonna lie. Makes me wary. She’s born the 29th while I am on the 28th of June. I don’t fit the typical Cancer mold. She..does. Trying decipher the pros and cons of this. Two water signs might not be ideal. And yet..the fact that I’m not a typical Cancer. It might be just fine! Two Cancers might be too much, “Honey, are you OK? What did I do? And how can I make it better?” Which is nice…is there such a thing as too nice. And a bit too much? Anytime, this has happened…I tell her to get some balls.

Little horoscope researching joke between us.

As you know now, she is dark skinned. She’s a Cancer. And yes she’s butch. Like me, she looks like a bad ass and people think that she’s mad or mean upon first impression.

We’ve run into one snag since talking. It was a major issue for me. I’m picking and choosing how to go about omitting some of my rules while dating. As situations are typically a little gray. We shall see how things turn out.

We’ve made arrangements for her to visit me in Texas. All the way from Massachusetts!! Stay tuned for that update!

I’m thinkin’ this little femme here needs to swing on over to the East Coast! Y’all got it goin’ on with the butches!!!


It is quite difficult to talk about someone you’re dating when you’ve yet to actually go on a date. She’ll be here in October. Spending an entire week.

Quite a date, huh! 😉

LOL! She’s really nice. We’re both not too fond of dating.

She works out and hits the gym. We sort of stay on top of our eating habits and working out over the phone. Those little bits of encouragement are promising. She’s heard me try out new recipes. Doesn’t get annoyed with this little voice I tend to use sometimes. She works for a living and seems to know how to manage her money. However, doesn’t mind a few suggestions from me.

Again. Promising. Love the feedback with a, “You’re so smart.” Or, “That’s a good idea!”

She’s not one for partying all damn weekend. And has old school values as I do when it comes to being in a relationship.

Y’all know me, though. I gotta see this shit to believe it! 😉

4 thoughts on “Lemme Tell Y’all About Bad Ass!

  1. East Coast Butches?!?! Swooooonnnnn… they are The Business® Honey! Boston?! My absolute weakness! They are also generally true blue. Take your time, enjoy this for whatever it turns out to be.

    If I had me one now??! Baby, we would not see the light of day for about a week! MmmmMmmmMmmm



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