My Week in Cabo!!


Back home from Cabo! It was an absolute blast!! My Dad and Step Mother’s wedding was beautiful. All of us about cried!! Held on the beach at sunset.


With eight people staying in one room for about a week. You’d think we’d have taken to cannibalism!! However, we all got along really well. The poor housekeepers couldn’t keep up with supplying us towels. Eight people lady!! Eight people!!! Five of those eight are female!!

But, they got a huge tip the first night we arrived. Woops! Stupid Gringos!! LMAO!

The hotel and restaurant were incredibly friendly! Very helpful. And quick to anything needed. This hotel wasn’t some dinky place, apparently! It was perfect! Not too high class that brings out the fidgety Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman in me!!

I’m a beer girl, remember! 😉

I couldn’t get enough pictures of the gorgeous beach and the amazing food. The food!!! Holy crap-ola!! Delicious! The pictures that I have taken do NOT do Cabo any justice! Everything was gorgeous there!

My dad surfed all week long. While surfing he ran into a guy from Paris, France. He and his wife vacation to Cabo every year like my parents once did. They invited us out to dinner to a local restaurant.

When we first arrived I had to go to the bathroom. Well…my most favorite wedge sandals broke just as I was walking out of the bathroom stall.

Say what?!?!?! Now???

Just roll with it, Hon! Unbuckled the other shoe and went downstairs to meet with the rest of the party. Barefoot!

Oh Gawd!!! More yummy food! I’m not a big fan of ribs. However, the lovely Nicole insisted! Glad I took her up on that! YUM!!!

A night full of dancing and beers!! His wife was the most lovely woman I think I’ve ever met. We exchanged what little bit of French language I could. She taught me to dance to the Mexican music and knew to give up when I was simply not getting it! LOL!

I go with the flow. More pop or hip hop dirty dancing. LOL! I’ve been told that I dance like a stripper numerous times! 😉

At one point, her and I had the dance floor to ourselves dancing to some Justin Timberlake song. It was so theatrical! LOL! Awesome! You’d think we were best friends forever or something. By the end of the evening Lorenzo and his wife insisted that they bring the car to us because of my shoe faux pas.

“Nah! I’m from the South! We can do barefoot in the street!”

*Sigh* Good times.

My stepsister’s boyfriend tried oysters for the first time while we were enjoying our last Cabo feast. Thank goodness he tried there because Gulf of Mexico oysters couldn’t possibly compare!! I thought the Cabo oysters were super yummy!!! I think ours are way too salty.

The week was a perfect escape. I got my tan on, engulfed in books and met new people. By the time bags were packed and taxis arrived. I was ready to get home to my cozy apartment and chill with my feline baby, Tux.

Did I mention that I’m highly allergic to cats and I rescued one from the mean streets of my apartment complex? Yea. I don’t like cats and this little booger has totally grown on me. She’s friggin’ adorable. And such a little bitch. Soooo my cat! LOL!

I’ve mentioned a bit about a shiny new butch on the horizon by the name of Badass. I’m saving her for another post.

V.V. is venturing into a little sumthin’ sumthin’! 🙂

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