Cabo Check In!!!


The first night was all Margaritas here at the Cabo Surf Hotel!!!

My step mom got wicked wasted! Like, we got a little worried about her. She was the only one who didn’t eat at some anything when we arrived.
The food! The food is incredible!!! I had a rustic salad with chicken last night. I haven’t had chicken that delicious in years!!!! Today I had the Baja Sea Bass Tacos with corn tortillas for lunch. O! M! G! This place!
There has been a few snags. Like, I’m the only one from my father’s family here. I have to just let that roll off.
It’s almost a guarantee that everyone will have their one totally toasty, vomiting night here. So far two have already gone down. Last night was mine in my opinion. I don’t drink liquor anymore and had several Margaritas. After some grub i was done.
Today was the rehearsal and I’ve had a few beers. Been laying out and reading. And smiling and nodding at my new aunt in law. Today was her royally trashed day.
I’m wanting to enjoy and remember everything. So i don’t think I’ll have one of those days to the same extent.
The hotel is gorgeous! The food is stellar! The beach, waves crashing on the shore all day…this place. I don’t blame my Dad and Step Mom for wanting to have their wedding out here at all!!

If i were so inclined to marriage again I’d do it too!

This place is a lover’s paradise!

Please excuse any typos!! This entire post is from my phone as I’m sitting on the balcony at in three morning!!
In other news, I’m having another dating experience with someone outside of my usual type again.

We shall call her Badass. She’s a Cancer, as am I. Naturally, knowing myself I’m weary. She is dark skinned. From a previous post we all know, not normal for me. But she’s allot of things I also look for.
When i tell her she’s coming on too strong she does not argue and retort with calling me a bitch. She simply backs off. She seems to really respect my boundaries.

That’s huge for me! 🙂

Where most people push or get angry. She simply backs off and respects.

When I got wifi connection at the hotel she was the first one I contacted.
I’ll admit, I wasn’t interested at first. She did come on too strong. And when you blog, you trend to have some odd balls hit you up. So, i began our few interactions with guards and bitchiness!
There is this strange strong connection going on that both of us really don’t understand. I thought those type of feelings had been tucked away.
Crushes are one thing. This is different. Entertaining ideas of her moving here. I don’t play that game so soon.
I’m so not like that!!

I have guards. And trust issues and any other scare reactions one could think of to keep lovers away. We just kind of flow.
Did i mention that she’s pretty friggin hot and a pretty fucking  badass butch! My type Butch. Where if she walked in a room everyone knows not to fuck with her.
Can we say Yum!?!?

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