Purely Penetration?



I’ve seen this question around quite frequently.

If a lesbian were to have sex with a man? Like a one night stand? Is she still considered a lesbian. Let us refer to the ol’ Wikipedia. Shall we?

Lesbian is the term most widely used in the English language to describe sexual and romantic attraction between females.[1] The word may be used as a noun, to refer to women who identify themselves or who are characterized by others as having the primary attribute of female homosexuality, or as an adjective, to describe characteristics of an object or activity related to female same-sex attraction.[2]..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesbian

Hmm…I see nothing in there in conjunction with attraction to a male. Not physical/sexual attraction. However, the encyclopedias and dictionaries have been wrong before. The age old debate as to what constitutes real sex or a virgin? I believe if you’ve had any form of sexual conduct. Oral, manual or penetration with a partner. Sorry dear, in my opinion you’re no virgin. You’re just safe. 😉

There is also the discussion of one who may have been raped.Personally, one may feel that they are still virgin. Their virginity has been ripped away from them. However, internally, a virgin. That’s a difficult one to stir up. I lost my virginity before I was molested or raped. So, I could never fully comprehend that mentality.

Back to the topic. Is she still a lezzie? She made the choice to go have some real cock and balls? She wasn’t raped, forced into the act in any way. Even her family may accept her homosexuality. There is no ties bounding her to the hetero realm.

What if it’s purely penetration?

As a femme I am accustomed to having dick strapped onto a butch. The force of her body shoving her dick deep inside of my pussy! Deeper than I may take myself to. The foreplay involved that you can’t possibly give to yourself. The mysterious twists and turns of sexual pleasure while with a physical being!

Might I understand this thought process? Sure. I get it. I’ve even…Ssssh..thought about it. Just to get a good fucking in my punanny!! An awesome round in the bed sheets! Loosing my breath, wobbling to the fridge for water, tingles the next day fuck! Think about it! Men don’t give a fuck to get a fuck. Where as with women. I hate to say it…do.

It’s draining and sometimes all a girl wants is to get fucked sideways, upside down and any other position a pairing may fall into.

Masturbation. Is fun. It can take the edge off. And it also gets old. You know exactly what you’re gunna do next. Vivid imagination be damned! There’s no rawness. The fight for sexual dominance. The rolling around with another hot and sweaty body. The sexual odor you’re inhaling is your own.

Yes. I know. Men are gross. They have those nasty things that dangles between their legs all day, everyday. They squirt ugliness. I hear ya!

Some of us are nymphomaniacs. Some people are nymphomaniacs. You can deny the illness all you want but that doesn’t make it go away. Some people have irreplaceable urges! I need sex so bad sometimes that I will fuck femmes. Just to get the primal portion of the sexual act out of my system. That’s typically what we long for when one is so desperate for sexual interaction that she steps outside of her sexuality.

Sex is primal! It’s animalistic! It’s raw! It’s passion. I’m not saying it’s everything. The end all be all of the world. But, you can’t deny that sex is something! Of some significance. We’re one of the few creatures that are granted the gift of sex for pleasure. Not just for reproduction.

We experience the desire for it. The hunt. The moves. And then the act. Depending on how strong the desire. How strategic the hunt. Will determine the rawness for the act.

I’m a typical woman. I enjoy the foreplay. The flirting and teasing before sex. Men are quite easy. And if I were so inclined to relive my straight days it could easily be done. It has been easily done.

*Rolling my eyes, smirking* Too easy.

Hit up a bar, find a dude, toss my hair around and do what girls do best. Flirt and stroke egos to get what they want. There’s never any, “Can I call you sometime?” From a guy! Or, “Let’s plan to meet up again this next day or whatever.”

Guys don’t do that. They don’t feel the need to try to be your friend after fucking. There isn’t any drama in just fucking a guy.

Women? Butch or Femme? It’s like an obligation or something. No matter how flatly I say the words, “We’re just fucking. I don’t want anything beyond that.” There’s always wanting more and I’m the bitch for shutting them down!


We use dicks. Butches strap on a cock. Femmes shimmy into a harness- n- dong. We like penetration. Some of us. I know, not all. Myself? Even as I think about it. I can’t. I’m such a man-hater! LOL! I don’t like the way they smell, talk and think. I don’t like the way I feel and smell after having sex with a man.

While I can understand the primal urge and desire for sexual interaction.

My cunt hole twitches and tingles for the need for something to go inside sometimes. Penetration. I admit that I’m a nympho! There are urges I struggle with just to sedate the fiend! The unknowing heightening the senses. First time with anyone is like wearing a blind fold. You never really know where or how they’re going to touch you. How they’ll feel with you.

How does a woman consider herself a lesbian while off fucking men at any random sexual urge? I’m thinking she may need to look into sexual identifiers? If she doesn’t consider herself bisexual, possibly pan-sexual? Maybe not straight or lesbian…or even bi? What if it has nothing to do with the gender or biological organs? It’s just sex? Right?

*Cringing at the lesbian pitchforks and torches* LOL! 😉

10 thoughts on “Purely Penetration?

  1. I’ve had sex with a man before. I’ve had a “straight” life. I know plenty of lesbians who have been married and came out late as lesbians. They’re not lesbians?
    Me thinks these answers are just a little too broad. No offense y’all.


  2. Sorry Vulnerable Verbiage, you misundersood. I did not mean if you’ve had sex with a man in a previous stage of your life, or if you lived as a heterosexual. I mean if you call yourself a lesbian but then have sex every now and then or once in a while with men to fill some void at a point in time then to me you’re not a lesbian. You are bi, or whatever else.


  3. Lol! Got ya. Just wanted it absolutely clarified 😉
    I don’t understand this inability or resistance to define yourself. Recognize who and what you are and accept yourself.
    To say one is human is a generic answer. We’re all human yet a vast majority have more rights than some.
    We’re all human but are constantly misinterpreted. Especially as lesbians. Men already gloat when they think they’ve fucked a lesbian…this is feeding more fuel to that fire! News flash! She wasn’t a lesbian.
    As a femme, it is a constant struggle convincing anyone that I’m a lesbian because of the ignorance as to what a stereotypical lesbian looks like. Ugh. I could go way off on this one lol!


  4. Men are easy sources of attention for women but surprisingly, they are not always easy sources of sex.

    Most men are not Ron Jeremy. They could never work in the porn industry. They don’t get hard on cue. They are not capable of giving a random woman the kind of sustained hard shagging that she might desire.

    Guys are often ambivalent. Guys are often time-wasters. Guys often want to be pleasured rather than fuck anyone. Guys would often rather jerk off than spend money or time going to see a woman, even if she is down to fuck!

    Plus they are too hairy, smelly, ugly and stupid for my tastes. I’ll pass. lol


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  6. gingerreplicant- The more I chat with you the more in love with you I fall! 🙂 You’re like a femme sister!! You’re so very dead on about men and not being up to par with sexual gratification!
    “Men are easy sources of attention for women but surprisingly, they are not always easy sources of sex.”
    Yes! Yes! And Yes, Gorgeous!
    I’m seriously wondering how a woman who fucks men at random can consider herself a lesbian, though?
    I have sexual needs, urges. I get tired of playing with myself. But, I can’t bring myself to going back to men. It’s repulsive.


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