V.V. in NOLA!



Just a quick little hello from New Orleans, LA!!!

Yes! My girls and I survived the six hour car ride!! Arrived at The Westin at 4AM and crashed! Waking up at almost 10AM to head to Cafe du Monde for coffee and beignets!

I could wake up to these beautiful old buildings and music everyday before work!

While touring the ol’ Bourban Street we followed the shiny, glittery cobblestones into the Magic Glass. A quaint little shop of witchery and tarot readings!

Mind you all, I’m spiritual Christian. However, I’m nott a fan of indulging in the other side of the Heaven and Hell spectrum. I do believe in supernatural. I also believe not toying with it!

I’ll expound on that later! Let’s just say that three of us were in dire need of a drink afterwards.

Beware of those green cherries at the Tropical Isle in the French Quarter! Straight little liquor filled morsels!

My God! For a gal who doesn’t drink hard liquor… I was feelin’ a little too good too early! Could barely muster the strength to help my friend finish her Hand Grenade! We’re sharing these drunky treats!!!

We hit up Saints and Sinners for lunch, recommended by a friend of mine. The ambiance was very nice. Old school red light district style. Threw me off having tvs inside? I could see old reel videos of burlesque dancers or something.

Just a thought.

The food? Umm…for a ten dolla burger? Nothing special. It is all about presence. The bun was delish, though! I don’t know what kind of bread they use! But this chick could chow on that all fucking day..and the next few after that!

Took a break back at the hotel until reasonable nightly hour. Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans! I’m now a member! Who wants a date to Hard Rock?? Strolling back to Bourban. Of course I wanted to check out the gay scene.

But..the further down the street we went? The dirtier I felt! Whore houses, hookers…I’ll pass over to the other block. Thank you!

Must the gays still party in the skanky areas of town? Thought we had evolved? Or are we still forced there?

Is it just the dirty south? Or are the Gayborhoods in shady areas everywhere?

Just wondering.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the tear jerking tarot reading!

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