The Not So…




My birthday was fairly relaxing. Went to work and had a couple of glasses of wine at home. I was sleeping soundly until about 3:30AM when the Roomie came in blaring music. So irritated I decided to leave for my mom’s house.

That place is seriously becoming my little refuge. Just driving out there can calm me. Trees everywhere! Strips of long highway with the windows rolled down and music blaring! Then it’s just calm when I arrive. Typically in the middle of the night. So, it’s rea dark and quiet. I friggin’ love it!

When I’m ready to buy I am seriously thinking about all the way the fuck out there. However, I’m also toying with moving out of city…possibly out of the state! I’ve been a Houstonian my entire life. I just don’t want love to be the reason I move.

*Shaking my head* Not again.

So, no. I did not crazy for my 30th Birthday like I thought I would. When the day arrived I wasn’t all that pumped. I didn’t feel like being out with the rest of Pre-Pride crazies. Was totally fine going to bed early and then driving out to Mom’s.

Then..I was kidnapped!!

Boss, who I have been sort of blowing off. Being a bitch. That’s another post. 😉 She starts texting me out of the blue Saturday (Pride) morning. Asking me when I was gunna be on Montrose so that we can meet up. Told her I wasn’t going.

Most everyone I stay in regular contact with knows for a fact that the only time I ever missed Pride was while I was married. It’s quite unusual for me to miss Pride. Told her that I was out at my mom’s house for the weekend. Not up for the crowd and the 102 degree weather loaded on beer!

She offered to meet me for lunch. She gave the meeting intersection and it took me awhile to respond. One reason being I have no fucking clue what’s out there?!!?!? Second, she’s offering to drive all the way the fuck out here to meet for lunch? Huh?

Mind you! This is a butch who didn’t even drive just a block outside of the 610 loop because it was too far. She lived in the loop. If we do meet up now a days? It is always out near where ever she lives.

Yes. Her suggesting to drive to the boonies was huge for her…and me.

We met for lunch and had a few beers. She was seriously wanting to know why I didn’t want to go this year. Proceeding to tell me that she wasn’t gunna go unless I go. Ugh! What? Told her that I didn’t care for the parade..I never actually see the parade. I’ve seen it once in all my years of going! My friend from Austin couldn’t make it down and she was going to be my deciding factor if I was gunna go or not.

Boss paid for our lunch and beers. “C’mon. Let’s just make an appearance.”

Ugh. Fine. Left my car there. Drove down to Houston. Beer and ice run at the convenient store plus 20 bucks in parking and there we were. Yes. 20 bucks seems extreme to pay for parking. The car didn’t get towed nor did we have to walk in that heat for very long! Worth every penny! Well…her penny. She wouldn’t let me pay for anything.

“You don’t pay for anything on your birthday.” She tells me.

Oh. Well. Excuse me.

Good fun among friends and beer. It was awesome. The only missing was a burger on the barbie! Nobody got stupid or embarrassing. Forcing drinks down your throat. Totally casual.

Of course, I stay the night at Boss’s house. Walk in her house totally traditional stripping off my clothes and passing out where ever! It’s how I’ve always done in all my years knowing her. Woke the next day in search of a Starbucks and heading back to my car. I had another birthday party to get to at Mom’s house.

Hadn’t thought about presents or anything. Mom, sister and my little niece all got me awesome presents!! Love my wine bottle holder!

In other news!!

I do have a butch writer!! I’ve found her! Just waiting on her first piece! If anyone don’t like her I’ll be kicking some ass! Because I fucking adore her to pieces!!! I’m pulling her on here for a reason!

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