So Sensitive!



It’s been about a month since my last dose of Celexa. I know there was nastiness for awhile there. My vitamins seem to be pretty helpful. We’ll see next month, right?

One thing that has suddenly become very powerful.

Sex drive. Well, for masturbating. LOL!

I already have a high sex drive!! Just after coming off the meds I wasn’t really interested. This week I have been waking up horny, going to bed horny and crossing my legs in the afternoon! Reading a book at work touching my neck. Not even realizing I’m doing so. But, it feels so good.

It’s almost like I’m getting senses back. It’s not like it was difficult to get me off or get me in the mood. My neck is my weakness. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had anyone kiss or touch there in a long time. I just get lost in running my fingers up and down the sides of my neck. At home the intensity rises to my breasts.

Is it possible to make love to yourself? I do believe I have done such a thing.

One of my biggest and most favorite fantasies is actually quite simple. Reading a book and my butch distracts me sexually. Running her hands up and down my thighs. Kissing me in random erogenous zones. Forcing me to read the same line in my book five times over not having a clue what’s going on  in my book!!

When I had first started Celexa it was frustrating to get off. I cried to Ex-Hubby thinking I was sexually ruined!! I’d get real close and then it’d just go away. The same thing happened when I had tried Zoloft years ago. Even masturbating. I wasn’t getting off.

We were able to get me to get to cum after much relaxation and trials in one night. After a couple of weeks, I was back to my normal cumming self! 🙂

I suppose the same would happen while coming off the meds. I lost all interest in sex for a couple of weeks there. Like, I was using lube to get things going. Um…I never need lube unless I’m doing anal! My own juices have always been enough! 😉

So I gave up. Until one day, while at work I was reading my book and touching my neck. Giving myself goosebumps and softly smiling at the touch. I get out of work around 9:30PM. Drove home smoking my cigarette out the window. Every little stray hair that touched my neck would put me in that place again. I was just about to start teasing myself a little before Crush called.

To answer or not to answer?

Ya know? I’ve got this sensitivity that hasn’t been around in awhile. Kinda wanting to soak it up. Yes..even in the car. I’ve done it before!

I answer, of course. Waiting is a tease as well. It’s always a joy talking to her anyway. 🙂 Never know how our conversations are gunna go. So, of course, I answer.

Good chats, as always. However, at one point. I found myself touching my neck again, then my collar bone. When I realized I was doing this while she was on the phone I stopped myself before going down to my breasts!

Aaack! Are you insane, V.V.?!?!?!

Needless to say that once we hung up I started my book. For fear, that if I went right on to playing with myself would be wrong after getting off the phone with her! My old fantasy played in my head while reading my book and I didn’t feel bad about touching myself.

I typically, sleep naked or with a tank and panties. This night, I took my uniform shirt off and just went to bed with my panties. I started reading Pride and Prejudice for bedtime reading. Mind over matter. 😉

Imagining soft kisses on my arms up to my shoulders. Fingertips along my inner and outter thighs. I readjust my legs at these thoughts. Actually closing them. I’m trying to read! LOL!

Soft kisses along my collarbone, down my chest and a deep kiss right between my breast making my back arch. Still holding my book just resting it to the side. Turning my head with another failed attempt at the same damn sentence! Using my other hand to grab my right breast lightly twisting the nipple. Relaxing my legs a little.

Caressing along my waist. Teasing myself under the panties. My hand sliding over my pussy feeling the heat through the panties. I grab my inner thigh forcing my legs to spread further apart.

My book gets tossed to the side of the bed and I reach my other hand to the back of my neck pulling my hair. Slipping down further into my bed. Laying down with my legs open. I envision a butch’s body on top of me. Full and heavy weight. Her shoulders beneath my eager lips. I picture the soft skin along my lips. Her eyes looking into mine as her fingers play with my clit through the cloth.

She kisses me while holding on to the back of my neck. Slides her hand down my panties. Pressure on my pussy and slides her two fingers inside my soaking wet cunt.

My head falls back and I feel those kisses down my neck again. A firm grip on my left breast, then her lips around my nipple. My pelvis starts thrusting with her fingers. Imagine her ear near my lips and I whisper, “Make love to me.”

At this I remove my panties and imagine her pulling her boxers down. In perfect unison releasing satisfied moans and breathing as her cock enters me. Wrapping my right leg around her waist taking her completely inside of me. Experiencing every perfect inch of her. Pulling her body close to mine. Us kissing each other every way we can. Lips, necks, shoulders. My hands wondering. Gripping her ass.

Hot tears falling down my cheeks at the intensity. I feel her kiss my lips again and I cum. Holding the back of my neck again forcing herself to stay inside of me. Both of my legs wrap around her taking her entire body into mine.

When I finish cumming she picks up speed and I pull my legs apart. Lift my back off the bed and I start cumming again. We both start to orgasm. Hard. Intense orgasms. Holding onto each other as our juices pour out of our bodies. She takes my cheeks into her hands giving me a long hard kiss. We both fall down on the bed. Completely out of breath.

I stare at my ceiling inhaling the sweet aroma of sex and sweat.

That felt amazing.

I readjust my pillows to form a body next to me. Throw my arm and leg over them. Resting my head on another and fall asleep with a relieved and satisfied smile.


4 thoughts on “So Sensitive!

  1. I love reading your stories. I get so turned on. I start masturbating as soon as I start reading and by the end of the story, I am feeling so excited and I get so wet and I cum all over myself. Thank you so much for making me feels so good. I love playing with my nipples while i read about you masturbating. You really turn me on


  2. What up V! I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog, I really do. and that’s saying a lot as I tend to avoid reading blogs because I find it tedious.. and lets face it, I don’t always find other peoples lives to be that entertaining. but I always love what you have to say, your views and experiences and how you’re so bloody honest with it. I love your writing style, very smooth, easy flow. you don’t come off as self centered and you don’t unnecessarily put people down. all and all you’re good people, and if you ever wrote a book, lemme tell ya, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a copy. good luck out there girly, and keep writin it down 🙂


  3. Turtle, ya don’t comment much but when ya do you bring a smile to my face, Honey! That was incredibly sweet of you to say.
    I don’t sugar coat. I’m not self centered or arrogant. Just my own perspective and I’m being honest about it. You’ve awesome!!
    ((((Turtle!! Turtle!!)))


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