Pack Your Bags, V.V.!!!


I hate it when there is so much to write about and not enough time to bust it down on the keyboard!!! I swear, I run in circles at an unhealthy pace!! Between this, other writing projects and the day job. Oh! Plus, a social life which helps with the material and squeezing in a good work out!!!

Ugh! How do I manage!?!?!?

A nice little road trip with my two favorite women of course!!!

Love it!! Totally random thought tied in with a heartbreaking conversation. Let’s just say..Don’t ever tell me you need a vacation. V.V. will hunker down and find ways to make it fucking happen!  Granted my portion was simply getting us girls together to discuss the WHEN and HOW!

After I left Ex-Hubby my girls and I were discussing New Orleans. Just to get the fuck away! I didn’t have my job, was living with my Dad and Step-Mom, and an unbearable alcoholic. Yea. I’m so there.

*Raised Eyebrow*

It’s been a year now. Only a year? Seems like much longer with all the awesome things that have been going on!!!

I’m working, have my own place, my own car and most of all my own time and money!! While having this conversation with one girl she mentions that she needs a vacation.

“There’s always New Orleans.” I perk up!

Her daughter just so happens to be leaving for summer camp for a few weeks. I have three days off of work on my shift!

“As long as I can avoid using anymore vacation time. Let’s go!” I go on.

She asked for dates and wondering about our other friend. So, I bring the other chick in the convo.

Dates set, homegirl has a van and Amex points to blow!


Girly Road Trip to NOLA, y’all!! As some of you may have noticed. I think I need to break out of Htown for a bit.

July 9th we leave from my day job and hit the road. We’ll be greeted with cocktails and wake up on our private balcony with fresh cups of coffee looking over Bourbon Street!!

Thank God for vitamins!!! I’m already starting to feel normal again. Ugh! That was getting ugly. Thanks for sticking around and the support y’all! You’re an awesome bunch!


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