Leave Me The Fuck Alone



Just go the fuck away!

Seriously!  Don’t call me the fuck up. Only to tell me about your fucking miserable break up.

Ya wanna talk? Seriously?

Lean in a little closer! Let me tell ya a fucking tale motha fucker!

She’s talking shit? You’re talking shit?

Sounds pretty fucking fair to me.

Eat it! Bitches!

Text me that you’re playing?

Oh. That’s real sweet darlin’!

Where does a girl even begin with that flattery!?!?!?!

<Insert fucking Sarcasm Here!! Motha fucker!>

I fucking weep!!!!

Uggggh!!! I can’t take this shit!

Where the fuck is she!??!?!

I run around for Boss and what the fuck for?!?!? Every fucking time I leave her I feel like shit?!?!? So..What’s the point??

Honestly, I just wanna hide! It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since being single. I’ve been fighting and what for?


I know for a fucking fact my butch is not out there?!?!? So why fight it!?!?!??!

I just want to hide.

I wanna crawl in my fucking shell and hide until someone gives me the ok to come out. And even after they do? Can I fucking trust them? Or am I another fucking pair of panties for them to slip their fingers through!


I don’t wanna know how hot or how cute you are in pictures. Because yea. I’m that fucking self fish! You’re hot! And I want that all to myself!

But what the fuck does any of it fucking matter?!?!? To get YOU another fucking girlfriend. Yea. You’re fucking welcome!


What does it matter? That I sleep alone wanting to be held? That I sit here telling you all to go fuck yourselves while waiting for that one motherfucker to hug me?!?!

What the fuck?!?!

It doesn’t matter!! I know this and so do you!

Fuck em! Fuck em all! Fuck the fuck off! Quit acting like you fucking you give a shit. Honest truth! You don’t even know where the fuck to begin!

Eat my shit!

I don’t wanna hear it anymore.

You haven’t the slightest bit of an idea what I carry around and why I can’t or wont date.

Leave me alone. With your fucking happily ever afters. Your struggles over te trivial drama that is social networking.

Eat my shit!

3 thoughts on “Leave Me The Fuck Alone

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