Straight Girl Crush?!?


I’ve read about this before. Heard about it.

Never experienced it! Lesbian having a straight girl crush on a dude.

Well folks. It’s happened to me. Its a little odd. I’m just am seriously drawn to this character from this show I watch.

Anyone a Prison Break fan?

I had actually got into this first season of the show in 2005. Work and other things piled up. So, I fell off the wagon. The coolest thing about this show is that you’re actually rooting for the prisoner. Not just any prisoners. But, the main brains behind it all. Micheal Scofield played by Wentworth Miller.

I love thinkers. Those who think differently than others. And I really enjoy it when you can see them thinking. His eyes give him away. You know when he’s working on something in that insanely intelligent head of his!

Hello!! He had an incredible tattoo take up his entire body that was the map to help him get out of Fox River!! Codes that not many could figure out!!

Just a little obsessed with the show!! Can ya tell?

It’s his character. The picture above is one of my favorite looks. People talking around him and you can see the wheels turning in his head. I’m at an age where my give a damn is busted. A point in my life where I know who and what I am. I’m secure enough to be able to admit that one of the opposite gender is appealing.

Roomie laughed at me last night when we were talking about this. She cracked up because my Straight Girl Crush isn’t even a real person. I was like, “It’s similar to straight women crushing on Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox.”


2 thoughts on “Straight Girl Crush?!?

  1. Never had one of those but I know a few straight girls that enjoyed torturing lesbians. And a few lesbians that date straight girls that have baby daddies that they still fool around with on the side.


  2. Yea. I’ve seen and heard a lot of those situations. Gotta be honest, I was once a little judgmental lezzie when a lesbian would claim to be crushing on a dude.
    Uh..that would make you bisexual, Honey. I get it now! I don’t wanna have sex or anything. I’m just incredibly fascinated.


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