Pride Season Is Here!!!!




5_single_cupcake_cropI turn 30 this year! I’m one of the few women I know that is sooo ready to turn 30! 30 is gunna rock! Just like this year has been kicking ass so far! I’m looking forward to turning 30!!! Done with my fucking 20’s!! Not to mention all the progress we’ve been making!!!

Houston Pride falls on the 29th this year. The day right after my birthday! Second year going as a single femme. Another birthday and Pride on my own! Having fun amongst friends!! Waking up in glitter in all sorts of places!

Yea…I’m totally PUMPED!!

Another Femme from Austin is coming down to stay with me!! Celebrating my birthday and Pride!! We’re both super stoked!!!! Then a switcharoo for me to go to Austin Pride!

*Ahem* Have you ever been to Austin, Tx Pride? My GAWD the eye candy!!! Soooo many butches! This time I’m single and with my Femme Partner in Crime!!!!

We’re gunna take over Texas y’all!!!!

I’m just a little excited as it is just a month away!!

So much going on!! On the hunt for my own apartment!! Work out schedule for some other really HUGE news in the works! Going to the two Pride Parades are gunna be last big hoorahs before having to bunker down with school, work and working out.

With the heavy work outs..guess who really needs to stop smoking? This girl. Right here! I don’t wanna be running two miles every day of the week ready to fucking die!!

Many new changes happening and it’s summertime!!! Pride Season!!! I’m through the roof excited about everything!!!!

Changing my diet along with the work outs to get a big jump on my physical agility for class!! I wanna kick ass!!

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