My Femme Toy..


I know, it’s been some time since I’ve talked about her. I’ve been working so much that I barely get a chance to go out. Our schedules miss each other. And we’re typical femmes not wanting to call each other. For fear of being that girl. Besides…she’s married.

Yes. To a man.

So, how much effort should I really put forth into this casual fuck? Our time is real simple. I notice her out at the bar. Give the, “What’s up?” nod. She replies with that cute little smile of hers!! Mmm fucking Temptress!

After a few more of these exchanges. Once my friend takes off to the bathroom. I usually strut over and start a conversation. Typically, something like giving her crap for not calling. Whispers in her ear. The whole stupid flirtatious shabang! Your place or mine?

So,..I invited her over. The frustrations to make up for that goofy ass fail were eggin’ me on!!

She came over…


Then she came. 😉 Good Gawd Yes!!! Over and over soaking my damn bed sheets!! She did say that she was sorry for that. Naturally, I told her to shut up as I shoved my entire hand inside of her.

Yep. My first time fisting another woman. No. It has never really been my intention to try fisting. I was just going with it. I had the nerve…I followed it. She was so fucking hot with her legs spread out for me like she was. I slapped her thighs any time I saw that she was going to close them.

“Keep your fucking legs open.” I growled. Bending my head down to suck on her clit. Take in every drop of her sweet cum.

Gorgeous! So delightfully obedient. My own little personal whore.

Drenched in sweat and cum. Inhaling the sweet smell of sex in my bedroom. Completely satisfied. Just laying there for a moment. Relishing in her after shocks right next to me.

I lit myself a cigarette and just stared at the dark ceiling above me.

Temptress regained her strength about half way through my smoke. She began to climb on top of me.

Chuckling, “What are you doing?”

“Please let me fuck you.”

“Haven’t we already been through this? I’m good, Gorgeous.” I reassured her.

“Why? I don’t get it.”

Her fingers were already between my pussy lips. “Ok. If it bothers you that much.”

And she slid her two fingers inside me. No. I didn’t get near as excited as I do when I’m with a butch. I came and was still unfulfilled. When I think about this moment I shake my head.

How do I tell a femme that she doesn’t do it for me fucking me?

I’ve had some conversations about this with a few friends. We’re all determining that it has something to do with my wanting to control. That’s not entirely true. I date butches because I like to loose the control.

I hadn’t been asked this since playing straight. Temptress, after she fucked me asked, “Did you cum?”

Ugggh!!! Really? You don’t know??

It’s not about control. I haven’t put my finger on it. But something sure does keep me from letting a femme top me.

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