Change in Tone



When you don’t have the luxury of physically seeing a friend you go by other cues to determine how they’re feeling. What they’re really saying. Last night was a different tone. I hadn’t heard this tone before. It was deep and soft. Smooth. I told her it was like she talking on my neck. Made my hair rise. A voice hasn’t had that ability in a very long time.

She knew I smiled and squirmed.

I get a little excited when she calls me. Or texts. I look forward to a conversation that can last longer than a smoke break. I missed her when I was waiting for my replacement phone. Which frustrated me. Sure. We had Facebook messenger. That didn’t give me her voice. Her laugh. The different tones.

I had already been reading erotica all day. Looking at naughty pictures and such. Needless to say when she called and eventually tossed this unusual voice out my body had to resist a reaction that is so normal.

She’s a friend.

A friend.

We can’t react that way towards our friends. Butches and Femmes can be friends. Single Butches and Single Femmes can be friends.

I can still feel her voice on my neck. It’s been three hours since we’ve hung up.

I’ve watched a movie. Now that the movie is over all I can feel is her lips on my neck. I don’t even know what that feels like. There’s this arousing presence on my neck.

I shouldn’t be writing this.

I can barely write this. I don’t even have to touch myself. I should be sleeping. I have to wake up in a few short hours.

All I can do is feel. Intense passion consuming my insides where it’s only been an exterior sense for so long.

I don’t even know if I should label this post as erotica? There’s no talk of clits, cocks, and nipples.

Just intensity..all over. Heavy breathing and a high I can’t even grasp. A high I can’t recall feeling. A high I can only achieve when using my own nipple clamps, clit clamps, vibes and plugs.

Am I making sense?

Trying to shut it out all night. The movies were a little helpful. Until the movies end and I felt hands traveling up my sides under my breasts.

Just start another movie, VV. Fuck. It’s late. Turn everything off.

And it gets stronger. Lips on my nipples and an entire body on top of mine. I turn my head and a hand reaches behind me to grab my hair.

This is a friend. To touch myself would only make it worse.

I have to go to bed.


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