She’s Not My Type..





I’ve had this acquaintance on Facebook for a good while. Never thought much of her. Just another butch noticing a single gal. Big whoop, right?

So, yea, I kinda blew her off. Anything close to a pick up line I shot her down. We chatted a few times in messenger.

I was running around apartment hunting and I get a text from her. She had the day off. I was about ready for a damn beer! I figured…Why the fuck not? Let’s meet up for a beer. Stuck in traffic in the Galleria I was close to the Slick Willies in the Ol’ Houston Gayborhood.

For those who don’t know. Montrose and Westhiemer area. 😉 The gays have pretty much migrated to The Heights since River Oaks moved in.

I got there earlier than she did. Waiting with a beer and my new addiction. Cell phone games!!! Dancing to the jukebox, I was really starting to wonder what the fuck am I doing here. I’m not all that attracted to her. I thought she had told me that she was Virgo. She’s not my type. Every tree huggin’ hippy dyke can kiss my ass for this one. But…

I don’t like dark skin. I’m sorry. I’m just not attracted. I don’t know why? It’s not intentional. Like some people aren’t attracted to blondes or red heads.

Boss, was in town the same night and wanted me to meet her up for a beer. Though, she didn’t out right invite me. She just expected me to show up. Well, I’ve been in a different place with Boss lately. I’ll expound upon that later.

We had some beers and shot some pool. Seemed to be hitting it off. I’m still not sure what to think of her. I’m pretty guarded as it is. But, she’s fairly..vulnerable. That’s so odd for me. A butch who seems to trust so quickly?

I haven’t asked about longest relationships or how they ended. I don’t care to ask those questions. Right now, I’m just trying to keep my mind open about her because she’s sooo not my type. Clean cut and all. Yes. She’s that. But, she’s soft exterior and interior. That’s different for me. I like the rough, take charge exterior. The Butch that looks tough but is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet!

Gentlemyn asshole. She’s not that from what I’ve observed thus far. Come to find out she’s a Capricorn on the cusp with Aquarius. Hmmm…seem to be running into a lot of Caps. Which is a nice change from all the Leo’s I meet. Sad thing is. I’m drawn to Leo’s. Interesting coincidence! I met up with an old friend for coffee the day before I met this Butch. My friend said that as you get older, you tend to veer away from your type. Maybe, it’s a lesson learned?

I’ve been discovering a lot as this year has been passing. A lot about myself and the things I want or need. I don’t want what I’m typically attracted to. Where has that led me? I’m not sure that I want another Butch who takes charge of everything and always wants to protect me. I want a Butch that will just let me do and be the things I want to be and do. Recognize that I’m independent and accept it. Don’t say you’re cool with it and prove to be a little insecure about it!

First night out with her was drinking, talking  and sex. The twist of events was she didn’t care that I wanted to fuck her. More of that trusting and vulnerability. She had no problems with my going down on her or fucking her with my cock. So soon!

The next day when she said that she wanted to see me again I was a little shocked. I thought I might have hurt her or completely turned her off with my aggressiveness. Turns out she wanted more.

Huh? You want what?

After my shift we met at my apartment. She brought her cock and harness over. Bigger a whole inch. Who knew one inch would make such a difference? She fucked me. I warned her that I’d be a lazy lesbian because I was so tired. She didn’t care. That’s typical. Until she said that she was gunna get off and I could just lay there.

I can’t just lay there while I know that she still needs to get off?!?!? I was sooo tired from the night before and the long day at work. She pulled out another cock and harness and told me to put it on.

“Just lay there. But, put this on.” She tells me holding the strap on.

“What do you mean? You’re gunna suck your cock while I’m wearing it?” Granted..sssshhhh….I have to admit. That’s pretty fucking hot! Wearing a butch’s cock and having her suck me off with it!!! C’mon! Yea!

Nope. Not what she had in mind. I put the strap on. A little shocked that I was able to do it so well. Tightened the straps real tight. Sure she told me to just lay there but I didn’t know where this going. She’s a real virgin. Gold Star all the way. No penetration from anyone! Nine inches…noway…

She takes my bottle of lube and rubs it all over my cock. It was like I was getting a hand job. When it was all lubed up she swung one leg over me and started to sit on the tip of my cock. Me, being afraid of her hurting herself. I let her go at her own pace. Her first time and riding a nine inch dick!?!?!? Good Lawd Boi are you insane?!?!?!

Once, I knew the head was in and she started gaining motion. I couldn’t just lay there anymore. A sudden burst of energy came through me. This is what I’ve been craving for several months now.

I’ve been dying to have my cock ridden! Granted, we weren’t using mine. But, fuck! This was happening!

I took hold of her hips and tightened my ass and forced myself all the way inside her.

I saw her face. The shock and pleasure. The pain and fulfillment. Her body reacting the way I had envisioned a woman would while riding my dick. Legs tightening and releasing. Her back moving from upright to leaning forward. Going the way I had it pictured in my head. The shock of it only being our second night and her letting me. Wanting me to do this. I got excited and started fucking her harder while she was on top of me. Taking her nipples between my thumbs and fingers and twisting them. Biting her and fucking her. Knowing she was taking all of my nine inches.

“Cum inside of me…please.” She begged. And I increased my pace. Pulled her ass cheeks apart and spread my legs apart to gain more leverage. I fucked her hard and she took it. Every fucking inch! She let out screams. Held onto me. Rode me harder and started to cum. Screaming and fucking. Sweat dripping off her face. I grabbed her neck to kiss her, taking hold of her hips pulling myself all the way inside of her. At the same time we both came.

That was an entirely different high for me. She stayed on top of me for a little while longer. I could still feel her. When she was ready to get up she reminded me that I was her first. So, I told her to be careful when she gets up. Go slow.

My usual Femme changed. I felt my inner Butch come out. I lit our cigarettes (yes I started smoking again! I’m gunna fucking quit!). Laid back with my arm open thinking she would cuddle under it. That didn’t happen. Odd. But, she did notice the change. Not sure what she thought of it. A lot of Butches don’t like it. My argument with myself is coming to terms with it. Being ok with being a Femme that likes to top every now and then. Being ok with..possibly being a Top or Stone Femme. Seems to be a direction I’m wondering into without realizing it.

She had asked if I enjoyed her ridding me? Like I do with Femmes, I took her hand and had her touch my pussy. I was still wearing her strap on.

“Oh wow!” Shocked that I was so wet.

“Exactly. Yea, Hon. I enjoyed it.”

She asked why I wasn’t dating. I told her you’re experiencing it. I’m not sure exactly what I want or need. I’m not sure if these changes are just a phase because I’m gaining so much independence again. In full force. More than before. I like Butches. Always have.

I’ve been fucking girls (Femmes) lately. Enjoying fucking them. The way they want to hold me after sex. The way they cum. My fantasies have been more with Femmes than Butches. Me fucking them. The desire to treat a woman instead of always being treated. I don’t know. But, those are the things I told her as to why I’m not dating right now. I’m learning a lot about me right now. I’m too self fish to date right now. My attractions and attitudes are all changing as I’m growing. I don’t think I should date while I’m rediscovering me.

Again. It could be a phase. For some reason the next woman in my life…I see her being a Femme. Me being more like a Butch. In heels…but you know what I mean. It could all just be a flashback to my old single days. A necessary means to an end. Fucking Femmes calms down my nymphomaniac needs.

So, we shoot the shit and we can fuck each other. I’m not saying happily ever after. But, I did give her a chance and I’m just seeing where things are going.

Sorry if this post seems a bit all over the place. I’m trying to kinda squeeze two posts in one LOL! And it all kinda ties in together. 😉


6 thoughts on “She’s Not My Type..

  1. This is a great blog. I’ve been having a conversation with someone about topping and this was a good example of how to do it right, with the right attitude and cooperation. 🙂


  2. Glad some are reading it a little more clearly. Thanks Mainely! I confessed that I’m not all that confident about my fucking women. Most butches don’t let femmes fuck them. Well, the Butches I’ve encountered. This blog seems to be stirring quite a pot in Facebook.
    I like that. *Grins*


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