I Dub Thee Tree Hugger…



I need a webmaster just for times like these!! To have the Facebook comments linked to my blog would be superb!!! Those that don’t follow my Facebook or the groups that I’m in really miss out on my bits of entertainment that I endure! I recently posted about a Butch that isn’t typically my type. A Butch who I gave a chance and glad that I did. A post where I considered myself to be opening up. Stepping out of my comfort zone. As I’ve been instructed to do so by a therapist! That post probably isn’t what he meant. Let’s just say I like getting extra credit! 😉

Remember, the post?


Here is one retort. I see where she doesn’t know me and would be quick to assume me being judgmental. That’s fine. I did ask her to explain. Honestly, she just came off as a whinny brat who got her panties in a bunch because she was offended. That’s mature. *Rolls Eyes*

FB: This tree hugging, hippyish Virgo is not a fan of the article. I dislike the harsh, judgmental tone. The arrogance is boring. The sex part is not bad, but the rest is no bueno IMO. *Peace*

Vulnerable Verbiage: Explain how you got judgmental out of this article? Offended is what I’m gathering from your comment. That’s healthy for you to feel that way. I was honest with the Butch I was with that night and she didn’t have an issue at all. Told her everything I’ve mentioned in this post. To clarify, I don’t have an issue with Virgos as people. I just don’t date them, typically.

FB: Yes, I was offended and not just for myself. I was offended for those Virgos who believe in astrology even though I don’t. I was offended for the dark skinned people even though you so graciously made an exception. I was also offended for tree hugging hippies everywhere who helped pave the way for *you* to speak as freely and as rudely as you do. Why is it healthy for me to be offended? Darling, our difference has nothing to do with the zodiac and everything to do with values.

Vulnerable Verbiage: How do you assume that you’re not so judgmental? You’re judging me from one little blog post? Interesting..
Yet you know absolutely nothing about me. If anything this post was about my expressing my change in attractions and opening up. Steering away from my usual type. That’s everyone. It’s human. People respond to first impressions.
Dark skinned or light skinned..one can still be an asshole. Like, I mentioned. My preference is the same as those being attracted to a blonde or brunette. That’s a lot of people. Same as one being attracted to butch or femme. It’s an initial attraction.
Virgos. Like I said I don’t have a problem with them as people. But, no it is rather difficult for me to want to date them. And you’re further proving my reasons as to why…
Tree huggin’ hippy is a term I used for those that live in a fantasy world believing that we all get along and hold hands. Real world. Ain’t gunna happen because we’re all too different with our own wants and needs. Just human nature. Put that in your peace pipe, Darlin’.
Hippies didn’t pave the way for me. People fighting for what they know is wrong and unjust paved the way. Those people were not all hippies. Sorry to break your little heart. Influential people for me were not the ones sitting in circles dropping acid, hugging trees and spreading free love (and std’s to one another). Not my bag.
It’s healthy for you to be offended meaning exactly as I stated it. You have your opinion and the way YOU chose to interpret the post. Again, it’s human. People are always going to read what they want to read. Feel what they want to feel.

FB: Did you see that I said hippies ‘helped’ pave the way. I’m not someone who thinks any one group is responsibility for the privileges we enjoy today. Little heart is intact. Please comprehend. I am judging what you said as opposed to who you are. Is it possible for you to see the difference? I cannot change that I’m a Virgo. That butch could not change that she has dark skin. Being black is in no way the same as being blonde or brunette. I really have no words for that analogy. It is human to judge, but we can use reason to decide which judgments are fair and which are not. You have the right to make unfair judgments. I mean, just look at the popularity of news sites like Fox. Nobody can stop you. But other citizens of the world, feminists, humanists, et al all have the right to call out judgments that are deleterious and harmful to the community.

FB: OK..I need to go to work. Maybe the arrogant bit is charming or sexy to someone butch somewhere, but it’s just not pretty in my book. That’s all.

Vulnerable Verbiage:  Um..I believe that’s why I said what I said. Were you paying attention from the beginning? or too busy getting upset and pissy? *Ahem* and judgmental. You read one post. Perhaps, rather than judging so quickly..you should browse some more.
This was entertaining. One thing I do enjoy about uppity tree hugging Virgos Cute.

I’ve never been called arrogant before. Is it bad that made my chest bulge a bit? In that proud sort of way. Probably.

Another friend had asked how do I handle this. People are going to react and respond however they want. They will read into and hear whatever they want. It’s typically internal. Not my problem. I started this blog with that knowledge. I started writing publicly knowing that that would be the case. Knowing that everyone is not going to see things from my point of view. I’m ok with that. I’m not ok with a clear attack to my perception, like and dislikes. You can’t force someone to be attracted to another? That’s fucked up! Again, I knew this would happen one day.

This isn’t my first rodeo in the blogosphere, y’all. Just my first one solo. I was a guest blogger on a well known lesbian blog along with Ex-Hubby. I had some that agreed and those that didn’t. But, I had the support of those that did know me and knew what I meant when I said something. That was comforting. Safe.

I think I always knew that I would branch out on my own. No worries of upsetting the host and her followers. This is my space. You’re not gunna like everything I have to say. I don’t write these for you.

Sorry to break it to you! I don’t write this for other people. I’ve been writing since the day I learned how to form a sentence! Ya either found my nose in a book or a journal. It’s never been for anyone else. If you gain something from here. Be it orgasm, reassurance or just educational. Awesome! That’s amazing and it makes me feel so good!!

That’s not why I’m writing. I’m not your educator, sex fantasy or counselor. I’m just a girl with thoughts that need learning on how to express. I do come off harsh! I’ve been known not to say a thing at all and let those things build until I pop! I can’t do that to myself anymore. I’ve been shut down in some form or another through out my entire fucking life. It’s taken me to so many dark and terrible places that you’ll never understand. I don’t understand. Why should it be so hard to just simply say what’s on your mind? Because someone disagrees with you? That’s it?

Where would we be now if everyone remained so scared?

That’s the purpose of this place. This blog. This baby of mine! It’s for me to constantly learn and be aware of how I’m feeling. What I’m thinking and learn to express it. Picking battles and how I respond to those I’m battling with. That’s my purpose. I adore every one of my readers. Even those that want to argue and throw stones in their glass houses. Y’all amuse me. Always have. You do exactly as I knew you would. Thank you for that. That’s why I said the tree huggin’ hippies can kiss my ass in the first place.


I gave this place a the title it has for a reason, yo. There’s a method to the madness that is Vulnerable Verbiage and it’s not to suite your needs, wants and desires. Me learning to be open! Rather than hiding in my shell and simply getting over what ever is bothering me. Haters make ya famous is the expression.


2 thoughts on “I Dub Thee Tree Hugger…

  1. I have only just begun reading your post for a very short time,today I discovered them and read enough to realize that this is you expressing you and that I really enjoyed reading it for the pure joy of reading without judgement someone elses perspective on life .Love it


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