Man-Hating Femme Lesbian



Straight women, you’re absolutely right!

Yes. Me! I said it.

“Men are such assholes!” Said every single straight woman I have ever come in contact with!!

They are fucking assholes!

I try my damnedest not to be a typical man-hating lesbian. But, ya know…they pull such stupid moves like they’re God’s gift to women! Like, their penis is the ONLY thing a woman wants. Will provide her with all the pleasures in the world.

Let me tell ya something..

Go fuck yourself!

Why? Oh! Why is it so difficult for you to comprehend a woman being a lesbian?? I get together with a few co-workers on Wednesday nights after their shift. Here’s one irritating experience. Mind you, the co-workers are about four men that I work with. Three of which actually have a spit of a brain…

She’s wearing a fucking t-shirt that reads: Yay! Gay! With the HRC symbol on it and a fucking rainbow background!! At a straight bar! With her friends near by playing darts!

As a lesbian picking up on the soooo very obvious signs that this dyke doesn’t want to be messed with. I clued the ignorant opposite sex in! I told him over and over that he wasn’t her type and to stay away. Leave the lezzie alone!!

What does the dude do? You guessed it. Went over there anyway. Talking and touching flirtatiously. Even bought them a round of beers.

I laughed out loud. I think the whole bar heard me. My buddies were clueless. I even told him that he wasn’t gunna get any. Buy them all you want..but it’s not getting you anywhere.

Of course, he shrugged off this inside advice.

*Rolls eyes* *Hmpf* Men!

At some point he said something that made the lesbian wearing the shirt give him nasty dagger eyes. I thought homeboy was gunna get beat at closing time! Me wanting to be right about all my warnings asked what he did.

He told me that the girl wearing the shirt didn’t like him being around. He also mentioned that he had something about the shirt. Like why does she need to wear the shirt.

I, being the person I am. Threw my hands up. Poured myself another glass of beer. The dude was clueless as to why I reacting that way.

“You’re a fucking idiot. I warned you.” I went off. Playfully. I work with these people, ya know!

The fool apologizes to me? I’m not the one you offended!!

There are a million other moments where I have to recollect and remind myself that not all men are so stupid.

However, ultimately, yes..I am a man-hating lesbian. I can’t change that until you fucktards get a fucking clue. Granted, there a re a few exceptions. My dad and brothers. As their we consider them in the same category as men. And yet, sometimes, I have caught them. Because I know the good guys they are to their girlfriends. Yea. I don’t really put them in the same man-hating grudge.

You are NOT a woman’s everything! Deal with it!

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