BFF’s Forever!



Let me start this by saying that I absolutely love my job! I work ten hour days noon to 10PM with three days off! Ya heard right!


In my early 20’s this would have led me into deeper alcoholism and other bad girl shenanigans. Approaching 30 in full force with a huge smile on my face. I’m just not that interested in running the streets of Htown risking everything that has brought me to where I am today! My job is fabulous! My blog is my sweetest baby!! Writing is really taking off! Gaining this independence only to have it ripped it from me again.

Me thinx not!

This set off I decided in spontaneous fashion to make a three hour drive to visit my long time best friend in Killeen, Tx. Yes. Fort Hood! Haven’t been there since Spring Break when I was 17 or 18yrs old. In the days when V.V. was playing a straight girl running around like a slut.

All the other straight girls were doing it?


This visit was different! I was visiting an old friend who has a family. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been ripped to smithereens! I’m older and out of the closet!!

Headed right on over after my shift at 10PM! Got there at almost 1AM! We stayed up chatting like old times until 3AM. Then up to get her kids to school around 6AM!

Joys of being single. I can just up and go if I want to! I don’t need to let anyone know I’m leaving for a few days. Making sure everything is OK for me to leave. Less stops on the way for bathroom breaks, etc. Yes. I’m afraid I enjoy the single life a bit too much sometimes.

My friend’s husband and kids were all asleep the night I came in. We just kept talking. Thinking we weren’t even gunna go to sleep. Picked up right where we left off. As if we never lost touch.

The visit was exactly what I needed! Remembering that there are true friends out there. Friends that know that I make mistakes. Don’t mind my honesty.

I have to admit that I was not fond of her last her husband. Even warned her about him. It’s one of those situations that one must learn on their own. I’m sorry that she had to experience what she did. But, grateful that she has found true love! Her kids are safe and sound in home full of love!

I have my best friend back! I have missed her so much. Any time, I’m craving a road trip. I should just load up my bags in the back of my little PT Cruiser and head up there for another visit. A place where children giggle! I’m friends with both parents! The kids like to read to sleep. And beg to have their night to read to me. *Giggles* THAT was cute!

My bestie and I talking about everything on our minds from night to sun up!

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