Sick Bois

Sick child in bed


Is it just a little fucked up that I actually kinda like it when a butch is sick?

Seriously, I feel so special and privilaged being a femme that is granted this side of a butch woman. To the rest of the world she is strong. Independent. A constant fighter. One who always provides and tends to others. Not a lot of people are allowed to see a butch get down. A lot of folks are not allowed to hear them complain. And certainly not allowed to see them when they are sick. Femmes are really the only people that get to see this side. And most of us jump at the opportunity. 

I mean, how often does a butch really let anyone know that she is the one who is hurting today? How often does she admit to being sick? Or hungry? Or that she needs a vacation? Or needs anything really?

The butches that I have met really only ask for one thing. They just want to be loved. That is one constant need among butches. The part that everyone struggles with is how to be loved.

For a lot of butches that I know. Because they will not voice what they need or want to feel better. We femmes have got to step up and just do it. Almost like a mother to their child.

This is when they’re done trying to fight off whatever has been ailing them. 

This is when femme puts that key in the door and sways in the room with a bowl of soup and some meds! Calls the doctor because Butch is too damn stubborn to admit something is that bad! Or thinks she can work off whatever it is.

I admire their stubbornness. As incredibly frustrating as it is sometimes. Their determination and willingness to distinguish wants and needs for themselves warms my heart. Or sinks it. I haven’t figured out which yet.

Where I get testy and annoyed at every little thing when I’m not feeling well. Butch, softens and remains quiet in thought. Typically. When we’re sick butches are real quick ask what do we need? What do you want? And we’ll answer exactly.

“Orange juice and some crackers please. The unsalted ones. And a straw for the orange juice.”

We femmes are quick to jump up and know exactly what our butches need. Most of us are ingrained with special sense of nurturing for our bois!

There’s my little thought for the day. These situations when a butch is down. It makes me feel like the most special person in the world. Because I’m the girl she’ll allow herself to let go a bit.

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