Didn’t You Hear??


What the fuck??

Why is it that when a few old classmates get together it’s this huge game of, “Guess Who’s a Homo?”

*Throws my fist up! Stomping my new favorite boots!*

Yes, I’ve grown quite fond of these kick ass boots I got this winter! They’re not high heels!! Shocker! Right! I know! They’re actually a little more bikerish!

LOL! This is NOT about my boots!

This about further ignorance from the straights that walk among us. We’re forced to keep our fucking mouths shut for fear of it being another fucking gay rights issue!

Suck my fucking hard clitoris!! *Grabs crotch in jeans*

Crude? Perhaps.

This situation gets so fucking old. Believe it or not I’ve calmed down quite a bit since it happened. A fight stirred between my sister and I. Total misunderstanding…on her part. Whatever. I’ve become quite accustomed to the behaviors of some of my family members. And I’m done walking on eggshells for fear of being without them. I’ll just sit back and know it will be their choice. Not mine. Therefore, no guilt on my part. Selfish? Self defense, Hon! Get it right!

So. Did you hear about V.V.? She’s a lesbian!! Why didn’t she say anything while we were in school?

(The conversation was not about me. It was about some people my sister and her friend knew in high school)

The dyke from school in the flannel shirt, doc martins with ripped up jeans in the early 1990’s? Let’s recap some homo history for a minute. Even when I was in high school there was still the AIDS scare. Gay people were not permitted to donate blood for fear that others might become gay or get AIDS. I graduated in 2002. A couple of years ago there was a debate on whether or not gay people should even have custody of the children they birthed and raised!??!?!

*Raised eyebrow*

Can you imagine what the people from my sister’s class had to deal with if they or their parent’s were found out??

I slammed my hand down and was like, “Seriously?” Responding to their why didn’t the dykes speak up!!!

And have who knows what happen to them? Their child seeing the hatred that breeds in this country being done to the parents she loves? Same child having to endure more hatred from their peers.

Sometimes, yes…it’s best to keep your mouth shut. Choose your battles and all of that.

I’m out. But, there was a time in my life when I had to hide. It was an every day effort to make it to school. Thankfully, I walked with my brother to and from school. Everyday I’d have someone yelling some form of an insult regarding my being a lesbian. I’d get hollared at in the hall “Fucking Dyke!” Teachers and principals right there. I’ve had anonymous death threat notes in my locker. Friends were even starting to become a part of my bullying. Then, I went back in the closet. I was able to handle it all on my own. My brother the only person really knowing what was going on. Then he found a ride to and from school. I did the longest two mile walk. Never knowing what was going to happen to me. Alone being yelled at. There was a park on the way home. All sorts of scenarios went through my head at the time. I kept it to myself. As most of us do. I went back inside my closet for my friends.

And I’m 4yrs younger than my sister.

Ya see how slow this progress has been going?!?! Some people still have to stay in their proverbial closets. Not by choice. By survival!

Shut your damn mouth about who should have come out and when! Fucking ignorant fool!

I went and cooled off. Guess who’s a lesbian games never have done much for me. Guess who and Let’s Play I’m a Lesbian! Two of my most hated past times among straight women!

If you don’t know the Let’s Play I’m a Lesbian game? Then you’ve still got a lot of learning and observing to do! 😉

2 thoughts on “Didn’t You Hear??

  1. YES.
    I was, quite by accident, out in high school. In the rural South. In the 1980s.
    And you’re absolutely right. If I’d been able to click “undo” on that back then, I would’ve been right back in the closet. Being out was isolating at best, life-threatening at worst.

    Thank you for a very good post.


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