I Am A…


Throughout my 30yrs of living I’ve been called everything under the sun because of my attitude and honesty. Popular insults typically thrown at every independent woman… slut, whore, loud mouth, and my most favorite, bitch.

Bitch has never really been one that hit me so hard. Moments when my own father have called me the “B” word. Yes. I’ll admit a certain stab occurs through my heart. A man his age, during the times he’s lived. His idea of the word and use would typically be negative. Something, no man should ever to say a woman. Let alone his own daughter!

However, I consider it reassurance. If I can stand up to that old man. Express myself to this guy who has made me scared the majority of my life.

I must be doing the word a good service!

The idea of most modern feminists is to reclaim a lot of the words that were typically used to hurt women. I enjoy this thought process. I do the same thing regarding homophobic slurs such as fag, dyke, and muff muncher! Now, we should use these words for empowerment. It’s a tough one when the majority of your encounters are older people who are set in their ways. For example, Cunt, Bitch, Slut, Whore. It’s about how you react! How you choose to take the terms! Thus, a possibility to change their thought process as to what is actually an insult.

Insults are words used to harm people people. Emotionally or mentally. Eventually, possibly physically. So don’t let them know you’re hurt by it. Thus, taking away their power! 😉

Cunt to me gives the vagina a sense or tone of strength. Saying the word makes your vag seem a little more bad-ass  With that pussy confidence should come self confidence! Say the word out loud. Say it a little louder each time. Shake your fist if you feel like it. Cunt is an awesome word!! Yes, I feel once you can get past the nastiness(?) of the word…you’re on the right track to your own empowerment. Not the delicate flower we are still drilled to portray! We’re built to bust 6-9lbs babies out of that twat!!! While most of your men can’t even take a dildo up their ass!!

Seriously? Who’s the better sex? That’s not what this post is about. I’m not going on a woman’s empowerment, lesbian hippy rant. Not my bag!

I’ve become so comfortable with the term and trying to incorporate my honesty or vulnerability consistently. Regardless, if it should offend anyone. I will still make attempts at softening my tone and wording. For others sake. But, I don’t care to shut up anymore. So, I found this key chain. It’s like my little good luck charm.

So far, those that have seen it are quick to say that I’m not a Bitch. LOL! I give them the raised eyebrow. “Seriously?” A smile and a nod from the other party when it clicks that they have experienced my bitch side or bluntness.

Ha Ha!! Yea…that’s what I thought!!

4 thoughts on “I Am A…

  1. Ya know… your day is as good as you treat it. We cannot control what happens outside ourselves, but we sure can control how we react to it. Words can and are very powerful…. but ultimately it is up to us how much power we give to them or the person who says them. Consider the source, then consider if they are even worth the effort of getting offended by. If people don’t like you or what you do… then they need to build a bridge and get over it! LOL


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