Lesbian Love Octagon: A Musical Comedy About Dyke Drama By Kimberlea Kressal

“Set in the late 90s on the Lower East Side of New York City, LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON follows the journey of Sue, a less than butch dyke with a broken heart, as she tries to cope with losing her girlfriend to her ex-girlfriend. When Sue’s friends (a bevy of ex-girlfriends and ex-girlfriends’ ex-girlfriends) come rushing to her aid, they incite a tempest of lust and betrayal as they try to convince Sue that the answer to happiness exists in polyamory, pomade, and online personals. A riotous look at a righteous time in lesbian history, LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON is a musical for anyone who has ever loved wimmin’s bookstores, tofu or cats.” –http://www.lesbianthemusical.com/huh-dyke-drama.html


One day, I was incredibly bored and started “liking” a bunch of interesting FaceBook pages. What seems interesting to me I will “like” the page and return to browse further into it at a later time. This is done typically at work when I can’t get too involved or obsessive about a new page. Fortunately, Kimberlea Kressal (Writer, Producer) was eager enough to get their word out that they contacted me!

THANK GAWD!!! This is the coolest, gayest, most hilarious musical I’ve heard about in a really long time!!! Seriously, in all my travels this year I really, really, REALLY want to make it out to this show!!! It is in June of this year. Any really awesome friends wanna plan a road trip?!??! Could I be any more gay?!?!?! Lesbian road trip to see a Lesbian Musical!! 😀

Mom…Dad..How did y’all NOT know?!?!?!

One song that had me Uh huhing! And dammit! So true!

Everything you want to know it listed in the website at the bottom of this post. I was mostly curious as to how it all got started!! Of course it was something as natural as joking about your friends!!! Love it!!

Kimberlea Kressal says:

“I began writing Lesbian Love Octagon in 2001 as a series of funny songs about my friends, at that time I had no intention of it becoming a full musical. Eventually, I began stitching the songs together into a larger story and looking for a composer. Will Larche, the show’s composer, and I were introduced by a mutual friend. We had attended the same high school, but not at the same time. At first we had no interest in collaborating with each other; I had been looking for a lesbian composer and Will wasn’t interested in the material, but we agreed to write one song together and see what happened. That was all it took. I recognized Will’s talent as the key to creating a mature sound and making the show accessible to a larger audience.  Will found a collaboration and a project that excited him. We worked on and off for about seven years to finish the script and score, in 2009 we had our first staged reading followed by a limited run in 2010. When we started this project we never dreamed it could be successful, what I mean is, we wanted the show to stay authentically queer and we never imagined that there was a possibility we could do both. A decade ago it seemed impossible that anyone would allow us to put queer stories center stage in a musical and we’ve certainly been told more than once that making our show less queer would help “sell” it, but we see the landscape changing. Our run in June 2013 is a step toward our larger goal of moving the show on of off Broadway by 2014. We believe that commercial theatre, and its audience, is finally ready to embrace and be entertained by queer stories and we believe there is a larger untapped audience of queer people who aren’t seeing commercial theatre because it currently fails to represent them. Lesbian Love Octagon is a love story, plain and simple. Our hope is that audiences walk away entertained and a little more aware of how universal love is. “


Even if you can’t make it! Wouldn’t it be awesome to know that you helped fund a totally Homo Production!!!

Another excuse for me to hit up The Big Apple twice in one year!!!

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