You Do You!


All right! All right! I personally do not own a motorcycle! Nor will I ever. I’d like to learn how to ride if ever needed to do so. It would not be regular thing for me. Get me in a convertible and I’m one with the wind. Easy Peasy! Or a horse. Um..or ya know..gimmie that hot butch with a bike and I’ll be the femme bitch holding tight!!


On a serious note. Summer time is quickly on it’s way!!! With that comes all the vacationers, tourists, crazy kids out of school and more drunk drivers. People driving free with radios blasting and windows down. Tops off..or no tops at all.

*Wink* *Wink*

While I love everything there is about summer. Yes..even in humid as fuck Houston, Texas! I have my worries. I love my biker bois!! They’re so damn hot! I want them all getting home safe and sound after every gorgeous riddin’ day!!!

I’m not posting this for the car/truck drivers on the road. Believe it or not. They don’t get it because they’re not riddin’ bitch like us femmes. Nor are they the operator of that fine machine!! Do what you can to be safe for yourself. You’re the only one lookin’ out for you on that road!

I’ll give you a few short tips. From my own experience.

Check the damn weather!!! PLEASE!!!! You do NOT want to be on the road in the pouring rain! People don’t even know how to drive when the roads are dry!!! Let alone slick asphalt!!!

Speaking of slick roads! Please, make sure your tires have good tred. Are not worn or bald!! Make sure you have the right amount of air pressure in both the front and back tires! Please! Even a smidge!! It’s all the little things to have a safe ride from Point A summer destination to Point B!! Fuck it! Do an entire maintenance check before soaking up that beautiful day on the road!

If you don’t have a windshield on your bike yet? Consider one and keep it clean! Be sure to get some sunglasses or safety bike glasses of some kind. Your eyes are everything keeping you alive on that thing! Ya heard? Be absolutely positive you can see everything without having to turn your head too much!! Peripheral vision is vital!!!

Ok. I’m not one to give a nasty lecture. Please. Please wear your helmet!! And be sure you have two with you, single bois!! 😉

Butch+Bike= Hot Femme!! 😀

Oh yea!! You’re totally gettin’ some! Summer lovin’! Huh! Yea! Hey-o!!

*Wink* *Wink* *Nudge* *Nudge*

So keep her head in tact! Got it! Fuck what she says about her hair. Come up with some cheesy line about how it’ll be worse when you’re done with her. Or some shit like that. As long as you say it with the intent of being cheesy and not an egotistical dick. You’ll be all right! 😉

Right now, we have cooler nights and warmer days. The temperature is much colder on the bike than what anyone else would expect. Saddle bags or a backpack. Something to keep a jacket nearby might come in handy! Do NOT play tough guy!! You’re human, Butch! You get sick too!! Takin’ this hot girl home! Then she doesn’t hear from you for who knows how long because you caught a cold!

Jerk! 😉 Just kidding!! Sort of.

*Looks Up & Biting Lip*

Another thing to remember, the summer sun is going to be beating down on you without you even realizing it. Those saddlebags or whatever bag better have some good sunscreen!! It’s typically an all day thing when taking the bike out. So, have it with you! Make sure said sunscreen is not expired! An easy way to know if it’s too old is by it’s consistency. One typically needs to replace sunscreen every year. Just to be safe. Direct sunlight on the bottle can ruin it’s protection rate dramatically!!

I can hear the grumbling now!! So zip it!!

*Shakes painted femme finger*

Get to class! That’s right! Find a motorcycle training course in your area and get in there!! They teach you all sorts of ways to keep YOU safe!! How to turn, stop and where to place yourself on the road so other cars might see you! It’s not an expensive course. But, could be a life saver! 😉

Finally. Good Lawd, I shouldn’t even have to say anything after all these damn years!!


DO NOT GET ON YOUR BIKE WHILE INTOXICATED!! One more time. Just in case it hasn’t sunk in? 😉


Like I said. I don’t own or operate a motorcycle. But I know a lot of people who do. I’ve been on the back of a bike several times. Please be careful! For you and your passenger!!!

6 thoughts on “You Do You!

  1. Sadly I sold my bike last fall, but I am hoping for a new one this spring…and I now DO wear a helmet most of the time (as much as I hate it!) I’ve lost too many friends and seen too many serious head injuries as a result of people NOT wearing them. Oh, and leather…leather is for a purpose (besides smelling and looking extremely HOT) it’s to keep your skin intact if you someone contact the ground, it’s the best protection against road rash. Good blog, but I feel a bit scolded. I just want another bike so I can invite that hot Femme to ride bitch with me! I love the feel of the engine, the roar and the wind against my face….yeah, I AM going to get another soon!!! 🙂


  2. Oh! The images! It’s the been sooo long since I used to ride regularly on the back of my ex’s (now good friend’s) bike! But there is nothing quite like the feeling of wrapping your arms around her & resting against her back as she commands that beast…or leaning back, flying free, genuinely trusting her to keep you both safe!

    Thank you for the happy memories … and butches, she’s right: one of the biggest reasons we love you so much, why we wrap our hearts (and legs!)I around you so tightly, is that blissful feeling of being safe when you’re around. So, much as I hate to say it, she’s right. Stop our mussed-hair protests with that voice of comnand that’s so sexy, and insist on helmets. We’ll get over it, I promise.


  3. Mainely- You NEED to rectify that problem with a quickness, Handsome!! 😉

    Pati- LOL! Is it yellow?!?!? J/K

    FemOutLoud- YES!!! I hate to admit it too! I’m a big girl! I can take of myself. But, it’s such an amazing feeling letting the butch take total control like that!! All I have to do is hold on tight. We DO get over it with the proper tone!! Ugh! I couldn’t stand earplugs!! LOL! That was my biggest protest!! Didn’t like the way they felt expanding in my ears!!!! 😛
    Thank you for your input, Hon!


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