Another Date?


All right! For those that follow my Facebook you know that I’ve been asked out on another date with a different boi.


Let me fill y’all in. I’ve been working a lot. Way too much! On top of that all the other stresses going on in my life regarding my family. I finally had a night off and Roomie was free too! SCORE! Let’s go out and have fun!! When was the last time I had FUN!?!?!

We hit up a bar we’re really not all that pleased with. The Usual is a girl bar a lot of the cliquish lesbians frequent. Hence, why we don’t like to go. You can never meet anyone new there because for some reason they tend to be snobby. While they’re dressed like they just came in after waking up.

Excuse me?

The bartender and I have a bit of history. For which I have apologized for. This set off I was thoroughly enjoying every vodka tonic coming my way. Vodka is not my best friend to begin with. I call it my bipolar drink. I’ve been doing fine with it when Roomie and I go out any other time. Why would this night be any different?

Right?!?! Well it was. Like bad. Somehow, from what Roomie tells me. I was taking shots. Which is incredibly out of my norm!! I hate shots!! Ask anyone who drinks with me. I decline taking shots!! Anyway, that was after meeting this boi.

I’m a bit ballsy from the get go, right! Well, imagine me under the influence. Yea. I went so beyond my normal bluntness that I followed this butch into the bathroom!!! We were flirting quite heavily at the bar.

Yep. This little OCD chickadee followed a butch to the bathroom. She giggled saying that she didn’t really need to go. Then..uh…one thing led to another.

Uh! Wow! It was HOT! I loved being up against the stall and her hands going wild all over me!! Sure. I made the first bold move. Thank goodness there was a total exchange of control!! Hot damn she totally took over! YUM!! I don’t know if I got off from her entirely or the fact that I wrote a similar fantasy and here it was happening!!

Let’s just say…I had marks on my nipples from her biting them!! Good fucking God that’s what I’ve been needing!


We exchanged numbers before she left. She had work the next day, of course. I didn’t think she’d text or call again after that. As far as I know of…it was a casual fuck, right?! She texted me the next day after I got out my class for work. Trying to figure out when to see me again.


Totally unexpected!! She’s cute. Butch and clean cut. A rarity among Houston butches. I don’t understand why!!!! Butches are getting kind of hard to find to begin with and then to find one that knows how to dress and have a decent living. I’m thinking the clouds have opened, right?

Uhh…not so much. After several days of texting and calling I get some history out of her. She still lives with her ex.


Butches!! Please refer to this post!!

Battle Of The Ex

As you already know. I’m quite hesitant to go too far into this one. Me thinks we might just have some fun. I’m not doing the ex thing again. Especially  while there is still tension. I’m not gunna settle for that crap.

Finish one bridge before building another. However, since I’m not really in relationship mode. She’s clearly not, either. What could hurt to have a couple of dates here and there with each other? Yes? No?

Or am I ignoring clear signs of a temporary break up? She says they both don’t want to leave the house. The ex still gives her shit about where she is and when? That sounds like fresh wounds in my book. But, I’ve been wrong before.

We did fuck…but that doesn’t always mean the end.

Where are my butches on this one?!?!? Should I keep on seeing this boi or not? Am I gunna be doomed the other woman in some future argument with her and her ex?

I know the whole lesbian bathroom sex is some sort of Lesbian Rite of Passage. However, I certainly didn’t expect there to be a call back with it!!!! Let alone a date! Mind you I’ve also done everything in my respectable femme power to avoid this act!!! I’ve had advances and turned them down!!! Lawdy lawdy I sure was gung ho on this opportunity. I thought I’d feel gross and nasty at myself. But, I was actually smiling about it the next morning.

Hooch! LOL! Welcome to adulthood single lesbianism V.V. 😉

We’re meeting for crawfish before I go into work on Friday. I’ll feel her out a little more innocently then.

8 thoughts on “Another Date?

  1. I think that the “living with the ex” thing would deter me from getting overly involved – emotionally or physically. There’s some other “reason” they are living together still….it’s probably not completely over for them. I hate to see you get your hopes up based on deception, and this boi is deceiving someone…just not quite sure which one of you – or if it’s actually both. Just my humble Butch opinion. 🙂


  2. oh, btw, it’s is ironic that your previous blog came true…if mine would come true based on the dreams I have been having the last couple of days I will soon be playing cards in Vegas and chasing some beautiful Femme with a pierced tongue…I can only hope! 🙂


  3. (((MainelyButch))) You handsome devil!!! Thank you for puttin’ in your two cents!! Just what I needed! Exactly what I’m afraid of! However, was worried it’s just me and my crazy high guards!!

    It came true because I pretty much took the initiative to make it happen!!! I propositioned her 😉 *Giggles* and then she took over! Like a savage!!
    Vegas. I was hoping to run into some slick Rockabilly butch there during Viva Las Vegas. *Sigh* I had to cancel. Chasing a Femme with a tongue piercing. Mainely, doth hath a post soon? 😉 Vegas Hottie with tats and a tongue piercing luring the handsome Mainely away from a game of twentyone??? 😉 I can see it now!!


  4. Been there, done that, with a butch woman who truly seemed to be over the ex and was just renting the basement apartment. For a while, it really seemed to work, too. We had great chemistry, eventually used the L-word, made tentative plans for a future move, and all the rest. I even liked her ex just fine; we genuinely got along and had fun.

    But Butch’s family *loved* the ex. They knew about the breakup, and had for several years when I met Butch, but since Butch and Ex still shared a house, her family still held out hope.

    Then came Christmas, technically (but just barely) our second. I still hadn’t actually met Butch’s family, despite having several near-miss almost-visits. For Christmas, though, Butch left me on my own and took her ex home to visit with her parents. Why? Parents and siblings loved Ex, remember? They might, of course, have loved me, but we’d never know; they never got the opportunity to meet me.

    That was the last straw, piled atop several other events. I walked, and didn’t look back, even when Butch drove across the country on a whim and tracked me down to try to talk me into coming back. I’d had enough, and that was that.

    That was about 15 years ago, and I heard, maybe 10 years ago or so, that Butch had a new love. I don’t know if she was still living with Ex or not, but I hope not. I hope New Love stood a chance, because Butch really did have something worthwhile to offer; she just wasn’t truly free to offer it when our paths happened to intersect.

    I’m not adding any “so what” advice here, because your story is your own, and your outcomes could well be different from mine. I’m happy now, for what that’s worth. Just thought that, since we only get one life each, sharing stories is the only way to build more experiences than we have time to live, so I’d offer that one. Take from it whatever you will.


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