My Evening Ritual


Well to y’all it is morning. However, when I get home from work I literally tear off all my clothes and fall into bed. Sometimes I can go right to sleep and others…well…I have a special toy that stays beside me for this bit of insomnia. You may all go spend fifty to seventy bucks for a wand. I’ll take my happy ass to Wal-Mart and get a messager with the exact same effect for thirty!

I’ll lay in bed. Still in my panties. I’m not sure where the urge to grab my vibe comes from. Most of the time, I turn it on and rest it on my clit until I start to get aroused. That’s when a voice may pop into the picture. Begging me to cum for her. Tells me that I’ll cum so hard her cock will just slide right in. She never removes the panties I’m wearing.

I spread my lips open more allowing my entire pussy to feel the vibe. The fabric tickling my clit along with the massager. I may slip a thumb inside or just tease my opening. Unless that voice tells me not to. Sometimes, she wants to tease me until I’m begging for a good fuck. Other times she likes for me to get my panties soaking before she decides to fuck me through them.

After a couple of orgasms I reach over to my night stand perusing my little drawer of tricks. The nipple c-clamps on my nipples do a good job. Getting me really high causing me to pass out. I grab them with a mischievous smile and giggle. I love my clamps!! That voice tells me to get a plug. Which one? I wonder. Ah yes. The big flesh cone one. My asshole begins to tingle and my hips start to wiggle.

Getting a little excited. Wetness quickly truckling onto the cotton crotch of my panties!

I lay down on my back again. The toy isn’t on but it is anxiously waiting to be powered up. Resting on my hip just above my clit. I move the plug right between my ass cheeks. All my juices can fall on the tip while it teases me. I take my c-clamps. The ice cold chains making me jump a little. My nipples erect from the chill. I take my left one with a force. Pulling at the little pink nipple guiding it through the c-clamps. Once I’ve tightened the screws enough I let go of the nipple. I watch it get squeezed between the little bars of the clamp. I inhale real slow trying to gauge just how tight I can take it on my left breast. A little more. I do the same with my right nipple. My right one is a bit more tolerant than the left. My chest starts heaving and my hips are rocking towards the vibe.

I put my finger in mouth then rub it over my right nipple. Small circles and an occasional squeeze. As to believe my butch is kissing and sucking on the clamped nipples. I love the sting and tighten both clamps a little more. I turn on the vibe. Hovering it over my clit just enough to get a tickle. I keep doing this until my hips rise up towards it. Then I rest the messager on my clit. My pussy tightens as though it’s screaming. Tighter and tighter I feel it pulsating!

The voice tells me not to make a noise. I’m only allowed to cum. My juices explode out from me. I can feel the wetness causing my lips to slip and slide over each other. The butch tells me to keep my damn legs open wide. The vibe still going she slips her finger inside me. Slowly going in and out, hitting my g-spot slightly. She takes the butt plug and teases my pussy with it. Sliding the tip and down between my lips. When reaching my clit forcing it to hit against the vibe. This makes me shiver. I want it inside of me.

“Please…fuck me..” I sigh sleepily. She holds down my pelvis exposing my clit to the vibe more as she slams the plug in my pussy. She fucks me with the plug until I squirt all over it. My imaginary butch and myself are quite pleased. Ready to put my own lube to good use. I take off my soaking wet panties and spread my ass apart for the plug. My ass a little nervous and excited at the same time. I wiggle my butt closer to the plug. Wanting it in my ass. My clit with the vibe, clamps on my nipples, and a plug in my ass. Good Lord!

In just a few short moments the plug is all the way inside. Suddenly, my pussy is geared up for another orgasm. I can feel the blood flowing and tingling throughout! I put two fingers inside my cunt. Hitting my g-spot. I’m so sensitive by now it really doesn’t require much movement. But I want to cum hard. Then, maybe, I’ll pass out.

Keeping my legs open, riding the anal plug. I fuck my fingers relishing in the wetness! I love being wet! Smooth, wet and tight. I insert a third finger and my body goes crazy. Holding onto my cunt as I fuck myself.

“Yes..Yes..Oooh…God…” I release a hard breathless orgasm. Fluid trickled over my hands and down my ass. The sheets smell like my own sex and I am pleased. Caressing my wet fingers over my swollen clit. I quiver with after shocks while I unscrew the nipple clamps. Placing my nipples in my mouth one at a time. Kissing them to make them feel better. Coming down from this high. I use my other hand to remove the plug. Sighing and oohing with deep breaths. Sometimes removing the plug makes me want to have another go.

This morning or evening…I’m now exhausted. I curl up in my sheets. Satisfied smile. I begin to doze off.

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