Why You Hiding?


Vulnerable Verbiage has reached over 2,000 followers and getting a lot more readers in one day!! People are starting to comment and message me! It’s exciting and makes me a bit nervous at the same time! I hope to one day put some money into this little space of mine. Make it a real deal of a blog!! It’s been suggested to me to start a youtube account and share my blog that way. I’ve thought about practicing a Vlog here and there. This baby is starting to grow and more issues are stirring with having this public place and trying to keep my private life out of it. Private life meaning V.V.’s real name and a picture here and there. Surely, y’all know I wasn’t born with this name.


That would make my mother psychic. And lawd knows I wasn’t blessed with that sort of family history!!!

I’d love to connect the two!!! Sure would make things a lot easier!! Trying to keep track of one email account and the other. Remembering if I’m making comments and sharing things on my Facebook or V.V.’s.!!

We all need a day job, right? The activity on my personal Facebook came close to ruining my chances of getting hired. Simply put. I like my job. I’d rather not risk it. The things that are typed up on here could be considered obscene or controversial to some. Everywhere I go and what I do is a direct reflection to where I work. I can’t and will not jeopardize the company I work for a creative space. You all are peeking into my head. Wether some want to hear or read it or not. You’re getting the inside. You’re in my little home.

Does you job just walk into your house? Does your boss know your every thought? Doubtful!

So, even though you can’t see or hear me. Know that you’re special because I am giving you my insides. LOL! 😉

Work is my number one reason. And it’s mostly because of the erotica I write. The kind of erotica that I write. Tee Hee Hee!

Where is that paddle???

Roomie and I have discussed starting an online radio production of sorts. Where my face and real name could be kept anonymous. That has seriously remained at the top of the list. However, I like that this space is mine. No interruptions or compromises on how things should be presented or done. The other reason I’m not too gung ho about that idea is because I like all things butch and femme. My erotica is of butch/femme and my perspective is all from a femme who dates butches. Some may argue, “To Hell with your labels. Blah. Blah.”

One thing I have to say about that is a simple Fuck Off!

Regardless, if you have an identity (label) or not. Some of us own ours. Some of us like our identity. We’re all different and rather than arguing over labels! What we need to do is just simply appreciate our differences instead of shoving them down people’s throat. I recognize that I am a Femme who dates Butches. Butches and Femmes are quite different from Andro (non-identified) lesbians.

Do I think that a little Andro & Butch/Femme radio show might bring in some fun debates? Absofuckinglutely!!!

On that note please refer to the above mentioned regarding V.V. having a day job! 😉 Er. Night job! LOL!

Finally, if I may be a little vain? I do not like watching myself on a camera! Unless I know that we’re keeping it to ourselves. Locked away in a special place for us to watch at special times. catch my drift? 😉

No. Seriously, when I talk I move a lot. Shake my head and all of that. I seem a little all over the place and I don’t like it. Well…I don’t like the way it looks. Still pictures. I like. I don’t like my voice on the phone, radio or microphone.

One day I’m sure I’ll get over the vanity and it would kill me more that I can’t share physical me on here because I work!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? 😉

6 thoughts on “Why You Hiding?

  1. Ahhh…the mystery deepens…I WISH you WOULD vlog on Youtube, but I do understand the privacy issues you refer to above. I just did some videos on that subject on my own YT account, and I’ve been a YT vlogger for 4 years now and the scrutiny you undergo being a more “public” kind of personality can be a challenge for sure. I seriously enjoy your writing, whether i know who you are or not…it’s just good stuff, keep it up please! ~MainelyButch~


  2. Ugh! You have no idea how badly I want to rip off the veil, rip open the curtains and uh…come out…again. LOL!
    Mainely!! You have a Youtube of you vlogging?!?!?!
    Gasp! How did I not know this!! I love your blogs!!!! I follow you and Butch Jaxon on a regular basis!!
    I don’t think the other people would bother me too much. As you notice I’m a lot harder myself than others are towards me. *Shrug*
    And a beat red *blush* I’m so happy you like it!! Thank you, Hon!! 😀


  3. I totally ge the need for a mask, my favourite scene is the masquerade ball out of Phantom of the Opera, we all choose the masks we wear on a daily basis for each situation. For the acting we sometimes do each day we deserve a golden globe or an emmy lol.

    Night job ??!! tell me more .. your not Catwoman are you ? if so meoooooooowwwwwww.


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