Listen Carefully. I Need You…


I want.

What I need.

I want you to sneak up behind me without making a sound. I want you to wrap your fingers around my neck so tight I can feel your fingerprints dig in my flesh. I need you to cover my mouth from releasing a frightened scream.

I want to feel the rage, the passion and the heat from your body behind me sinking into my core. I need that incredible balance of fear and passion. Heat and discipline.

I need you to take over me for now. For a few days. A week if it pleases you. I want to fade into your fantasy and it become our reality.

I wish to get lost in your touch. Your voice. Your hate, love, passion. I want you to fuck me and I want to feel your soul inside mine. Their beings meeting for the first time without any resistance.

Your hand travels from my now relaxed mouth to squeeze my nipple as hard as you can.

I fight the urge to scream and only open my mouth. You grab my jaw to kiss me.

I want you to reach for the ropes dangling from my bedroom ceiling and bind my hands above my head. I need you to bite in some places and hold a deep kiss in others. Place the cold clamps on my erect nipples. Smack my clit till it rises and my legs start to spread.

Now, bind my ankles.

I’d like for you to take a step back and think about all the wonderful things you’d like to do to me. I want you to fuck me hard with your eyes. With your mind. Please yourself with our telepathic arousal. I want to watch you cum and you watch me cum. I want us to orgasm without touching.

Cum begins to trickle between my smooth pussy. This intensity makes me high. I want you to make your footsteps heavy. Legs already struggling to walk. Behind me. I wonder what tricks you’re looking for in my little toy box.

A loud clap on the floor behind me. I twist my wrists in the ropes. Look up to the ceiling in excitement. My legs, ass and back ready for the stings. I want nine wild lashes. Space them out around my ass, back and legs.

Make me dangle there in pain and ecstasy. When my head falls back. I really want you to grab huge chunk of my long, brown, sweaty hair. Take a burning candle and drip the wax over my heaving chest. Nipples turning colors between the clamps.

Release my ankles and grab your choice of blade.

Test me.

Run the cold metal up my sweaty thighs. When you reach up the inside of my thighs. I want you to take the point of the blade from the tops of my thighs back inside again. I want to pull my hips toward your face. My clit aching for your hot mouth. I want you to inhale me as you stare at me. Knowing I wont move. I need you to cut me now. Take the blade as you did before and draw blood. When I sigh in sweet pain is when you make your move. Devouring my pussy like a starving beast in the wild. Whipping my cut thigh over your shoulder as you stand on your knees. Me still hanging by my ropes. My hips lose all restrain and force themselves into your mouth.

I moan and wiggle, thrust. I can’t get enough wanting more. Lots more. I cum inside your mouth. Exhausting pleasure seeping through my every pore. You take hold of my ass. Lift my other thigh over your shoulder. Spread my ass cheeks apart and slide a vibrator inside. My head falls back.

“What…ever…you…want..” I exhale. At this you finally slip four fingers inside my soaking wet cunt. My pelvis is twitching. Legs are starting to freeze. Another orgasm fast approaching down your throat.

“F..u…c….k…” I sigh. “Faster! Please! Fuck me!”

At this pick up to an unbelievable speed. My pussy tightens and loosens until it is swollen around your amazing fingers. And I cum..I squirt all down your chin. Trickles down your arm.

You kiss the inside of my thighs. Devilish smile tickling my skin. You slowly pull the vibe out of my ass while you make your way up toward me. My mouth begging to taste myself off your lips.

You know this. “Ask nicely, Beautiful.”

“Please kiss me.”

“That’s not what you want. Tell me what you want.” You say.

“Kiss me. So I can taste my cum. Please.” I confess.

You kiss under my ear, along my jawline, “That’s a good girl.” You gently take hold of my neck and kiss my lips. My own trying to gather all the juices and our kiss all at the same time. You take the blade and cut my ropes. My hands fall over your head and around your neck. We smile and kiss some more as you release my clamps, wrap my legs around your waist to lay me down on the floor softly.

You kiss me all over my shoulders, collar bone, neck, whispers. You run your fingers through my sweaty hair. We hold a long gaze as you slide your cock inside of me. My legs hold tighter around you pulling your entire piece inside. Feel my warmth. My wetness. We are both erotically mystified. You fuck me slowly as I am constantly cumming. You pick up the pace and I run my fingernails down your back. Fucking me harder, I grab your ass taking you deeper! Fast incredibly long thick strokes inside my quivering pussy. Wild noises escape our lips as we both cum.

Your arms begin to shake. We take one last exhausted look at each other before you collapse over me. Our hearts beating against our chests. Breathing and soft kisses where ever our lips manage to connect.

I want you to fall asleep inside of me.

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