The Wal Mart Psychic


Roomie and I were running errands after I got out of class. We had to get a few things from Wal Mart. At some point we split up in the store and I was browsing for some new bed sheets. While doing so, a woman walks by the isle and turns back around to come talk to me. She asked if I believe in readings and it took me a little off guard. Honestly, the only thing I was focusing on was the feeling that was taking over my chest when she came up to me. It wasn’t a heavy nor uplifting feeling. It was just this space that swept in my chest.

I told her that I really wasn’t sure how I felt about readings and psychics. She said that she doesn’t normally go up to random people but she told me that I had a lot of negative energy around me.

Excuse me?” I was a bit shocked from that statement!

“You have a lot of people who are jealous of you and want to bring you down.” She continues.

“People are jealous of me??” Making sure I heard that right. She walked off telling me to be careful again.

I know. A lot of people are shaking their heads and not buying this bologna! It’s cool. You can do that. You weren’t there and you certainly didn’t feel what I felt when she came up to me. Who knows? You probably have never dealt with anything in the spiritual realm. So, I listen very carefully to my body’s reactions to these sorts of events. A medium or psychic, if they’re legit. I’ll feel their energy. I don’t bother with them if I don’t feel anything. 😉

Yes. This situation fucked with me for the rest of the day. Not in a paranoid way. More like a what the fuck? Who could possibly be jealous of me?

Uh…and why?

I look around and I don’t believe I have anything special going on in my life. I’m single, in the city and enjoying my life. However, I don’t feel that I have anything that anyone else would be jealous over? I don’t live in the most luxurious place of H-town. I drive an old car, most of my clothes are from Wal Mart or the thrift store? I don’t have a handsome butch girlfriend anywhere for anyone to get jealous over?

Needless to say…I don’t get it. I guess everyone has their own reasons for being jealous. Or maybe my intuition is wrong and the medium was just another crazy person wandering the isles of Wally World.


6 thoughts on “The Wal Mart Psychic

  1. If you are ever in Walmart and a Butch comes up to you and asks you if you wanna see her rock collection and invites you over….that would be me…LOL…perhaps it was a line to just get to talk to you? It would have fucked me up for the day too, I can see that easy.


  2. A rock collection? Femmes like rocks! The pretty, shiny white ones that are typically placed with a necklace, earrings or a RING!! 😉
    I’m not that kind of girl, anyway! So, my mind would be totally in the gutter!!!
    No. She was pretty serious. That’s why it sort of freaked me out. Eek!


  3. Wow, would have freaked me out too. Laugh, but I HAVE used the rock collection line before, in my younger days, and it worked like a charm….hey, wait, maybe they just saw it as an opportunity to get to my place and be taken with wanton abandon by a hot Butch?! Yeah, that’ s probably it. 🙂


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