V.V. on V-Day


Before I go off on my V-Day rant. Please take a moment to brush up on some Valentine’s history here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine’s_Day. All caught up? Good! I’m so glad. In regards to that bit of trivia I will gladly go crazy about another Christian or religious holiday being overrun by Hallmark and other department stores trying to make a buck off of what was once a harmless celebration. It’s another time of the year one must stress, prepare and spend to give another supposed perfect night. Some worry about it so much they don’t even realize how the other might be feeling about said stress.

I, for one, spend a lot of time on those crazy dates wondering how much everything had cost?? Did you break the bank for this one occasion that could have waited for a more relaxed day? Going all out like that doesn’t make me feel anymore special. Yea. It’s nice. Sure. It has brought me to tears before with the things some have done on this particular day.

What about the rest of the year?

I’m not playing a game of comparing lovers. However, this idea has struck me as rather odd since I was a kid!!

I’ve never really cared for it. I know that there are some people out there that think I’m just saying this because I haven’t had any of the big love scene V-Day dates.

*Raised Eyebrow*

Oh! But, I have! Limo, flowers, wine, strawberries, stuffed animal and a swanky dinner reservation. Brought me to tears! One of the most romantic nights of my life. The rest of the year/s? It was like pulling teeth to get that same butch to just have an adult date night. So? What about the rest of the year? Same butch? My fondest romantic memory with her was the day I came home from work and she gave me a bouquet of crazy daisies. Not a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s. It was just because.


Do I enjoy a thought or two for me on Valentine’s? Sure. Of course! I’m only a girl!! Do I fall privy to Hallmark’s evil clutch? Yes. I confess that I do. Who doesn’t? Really?

Do I feel like V-Day should be the day we buy gifts, candies, gifts and reservations for those we claim to love?

Absolutely not! Valentine’s or any other “giving” holiday should be the date you decide to admit you love someone? Propose?


Does this make me anti-Valentine? I really don’t think so. I think that I just have a different perspective on the holiday itself. It’s not a negative one. It’s mostly just questionable. Neither here nor there. 😉

3 thoughts on “V.V. on V-Day

  1. I love Valentine’s Day, which I consider a femme high holy day. But I agree with a lot of what you say here. I particularly love your story about the butch who swept you off your feet for Valentine’s Day but “forgot” to be romantic the rest of the year. There’s something else that butch (and lots of other people) forget, too: wildly romantic isn’t equivalent to wildly expensive, no matter what the Valentine Industrial Complex may say. In the end, isn’t it the everyday expressions of love that are the most meaningful?


  2. LOL! Steel!! Ta hell you say! I don’t deny that I am a romantic. Helloooo!! I’m femme!! I just don’t agree with the romance only occurring on a friggin’ holiday. Thank you for commenting. I am enjoying your responses, Hon! 😉

    Exactly, Sublimefemme!! That’s all I’m asking for! Like I said, I cried on that wonderfully romantic evening! I’ve never experienced anything so amazing! She did something equivalently extravagant for my birthday too.
    Yes…what about the rest of the year? A small dinner for two at home? Run a hot bath with candles and flowers just because you know I’ve been stressed out lately? Or just because you want to? Ya know?


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