Vulnerable Verbiage is in LOVE!!

The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline

Yes. It’s true. V.V has fallen head over heels in love!! Granted she’s a little on the high maintenance side. However, she’s perfect for me! She’s incredibly handsome and at the same time the most beautiful experience I’ve ever encountered! Her name is…

New York!!!

That’s right. We kinda had a one night stand that has blossomed into this fabulous obsession. I left my heart in San Francisco years ago! And now..I LOVE New York! The people are awesome! The sights. It is the most amazing city ever!

Unless you’re driving. Not so amazing while you’re driving. Cabs, subways and walking are definitely the way to go. Considering, Roomie was hit by a cab the night I arrived. I’m even questioning the taxis.

*Raised eyebrow*

I’m actually a little pleased that Roomie was held up getting me from the airport. We were able to drive over the bridge from Queens to Manhattan. Do not ask me which bridge it is. I was way too busy oohing and awwing at the big city lights. The beautiful buildings. Graffiti is even different in New York!! I loved it all! And to hell what ya heard about the people there! They were all quite nice. Especially when you tell them you’re from Texas! They apparently love Texans! 🙂

Our first order of business was unloading my bags and finding food!! ASAP! No complimentary food on my flight. So, I was starving. Roomie was starving because she was waiting to eat until my arrival! We hit up a yummy pizza joint called Adrian’s! Oh! My! God! Yummiest pizza!!! If and when any of you Southerners plan on visiting The Big Apple I suggest you have a huge amount of mulah in your bank! My beers were 6 bucks for a Bud Light! Thank God I’m flexible enough to be able to bypass my Dos XX’s. We’re eating and drinking in this little cubby hole of a restaurant. Ever get the feeling someone’s touching your food? Yea…it’s kinda like that! LOL! We were trying to figure what to do with my one night in New York and Roomie’s last night!!

Her friend mentioned…


My eyes went lit the hell up!!

“The Stonewall Inn!!”

I had to go!!! Roomie was clueless about my excitement! How do you not know about Stonewall?!?!?!?! Uh HELLOO!!!!


Roomie’s friend was pumped to take me there! I was so crazy happy to actually think I was about to step foot on such a monumental establishment in LGBTQ History!!! Our bartender Chuck was the coolest and most sweetest bartender I think I’ve ever had!! He gave us hugs! Bought us drinks! Sang around us and chatted with us! Needless to say…we got stoopid trashed in New York!! Whatever you do!! Don’t order the Upside Down Pineapple shot!!! Just don’t! It’s disgusting!!!!!

Closing out the tab at Stonewall and me buying my one New York souvenir. Yes! I bought the Stonewall Inn t-shirt!! We headed over to another joint called the CubbyHole. Cute little shnazy spot.

There’s footage from what happened during the rest of that evening. Last thing I remember was Roomie buying the three of us champagne for our Absolutely Fabulous moment!

Roomie and I woke to the worst hangovers and questions that I think neither of us have ever experienced! Next stop, visiting another very close friend of mine in New York! My Mama!! Granted she’s not my birth mother. She’s my lezzie mother. Ya know? I have a little lezzie internet family. A papa, mama, and somehow I got a cousin in the mix. LOL! We enjoyed the bumpy subways and Grand Central Station. Oh..and Starbucks. On damn near every street! Mama took us to a yummy place for lunch where the host was sweet and sassy! Exchanged stories from the past. Mama was quite the wild child.

No wonder we’re so close! 😉

Had to get on the road home right after meeting with The Mama! I had so many other places I wanted to go! Other friends I wanted to meet up there. But, alas, we both needed to get home. I have work.


On the way out we got to swing by Lady Liberty. Thanks very much to our tour guide! 😉 Then the glorious experience that is New York traffic.

Why do they even have street lights in that city?!?!?! Cops are out there directing the vehicles?!?!?! Ugh! Could you imagine working out there during the summer?!??!? Hellz to tha fuck no!!!

That’s my little time in New York. The rest of the trip was highways, mountains, darkness. Oh! And me driving in snow flurries…at night!

Yea…I was scared as shit I was gunna skid us off the road. Yet, here I am telling you my little adventure! 😉 Thanks for reading. All my wonderful friends north of Dallas I’ll be up on the east coast again soon!



8 thoughts on “Vulnerable Verbiage is in LOVE!!

  1. Travel Bug- I was only there for a night. Already have plans of hitting it up again for a longer period of time.

    MainelyButch- If Roomie and I weren’t on such a tight schedule I would have hit up Boston no question!! And coffee with one of my favorite butch bloggers!!!! Oh You Betchya!! 😉

    Butch Jaxon- Oh! Honey, I’m blissfully smitten with my traveling this year!! 😉


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