V.V. Has A Date!


All right. I think I’m gunna stop being such an asshole and give the local butches a shot. I know there has to be more out there than Boss. The ones out of city and state have been much more appealing that what I notice around my town!! When I think of the next butch I want to be with…I don’t want to compromise my living arrangements nor do I want to ask them to. Granted, I’m nowhere near that sort of thinking right now. But, I want to do this as logically as possible. I do want a forever one day. One who also understands that I’ve already been married. I believe marriage is a one time gig.


This butch. Who does seem attractive. Hit me up on my dating profile. *Cringe* I have it and almost never touch it!! LOL! Sorry to those who try to reach me. Never have been a fan of those things. I usually get hit up by a bunch of femmes. No matter how clear the fine all caps bold print states:


*Shaking my head*

Still the married couples wanting a threesome, femmes or bi-curious. Let me keep anyone from wasting their breath on me right?!?! Nope. Doesn’t matter. I date Lesbians. I ONLY date Butch Lesbians. Clear as day?!?!

So, this boi found me on Facebook. Sent me a friend request and message. Asked right from the get go if I wanted a relationship with her?

Woa! We only just started talking!!!! What the fuck, bro? My words…exactly! That was one forward way to ask what I was looking for. I said I’d need to get to know you a little better before I can determine anything more than just friends.

Geeze! I understand needing to let a girl know that you want more. But, damn bois! There’s gotta be something more cleaver and suave than that approach!!!

We agreed to shooting pool on Tuesday. She’s not bad looking and she’s a Cancer. She lives close. We shall see.

So, I’ve never really dated before. Any tips? I’ve met and we hung out. But, actually organizing a date?!?! I didn’t realize anyone cared to do that sort of thing anymore!!! Boss and I just meet up for drinks with friends. Head to her place and fuck. Any other potential butches have been long distance.

Now. Y’all know I’m gunna be all girly about this and wonder what the fuck should I wear?!?!!?

We’re shooting pool. I haven’t played pool in a really long time. And I’m quite competitive about it. LOL! Please God, tell the boi to dress decent!!! I know it’s just shootin’ pool but you can make casual look like it took you some effort!! Butches seem to have an issue with dressing up for a girl.

I’ll keep ya posted on the date. I’m actually getting a bit nervous. That’s normal, right?

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