A Week’s Timing!

angry woman screaming on landline phone

Wow! I’ll start with the good news. OK! Sound good? I thought so!! 😉

I get my weekly call from my Dad who tells me our family member is cancer free!!! Cancer fucking free!!! Awesome! Granted, she’ll have to get treatments for the rest of her life. But, she’s clear!! Oh my Gawd! And! AND!!! Instead of a mastectomy the doctors have told her that she will only need a lumpectomy!!! How fucking cool is that!?!?!

Literally! This chick, who rarely ever cries! Cried out of happiness!!! I was driving during this weekly check in and decided to pull over. I was that fucking excited for her!!! Next thing I hear that my Dad is getting married again!!! To my wonderful, most amazing step-mother!!!

About fucking time she said yes to that grumpy old man!!! I tell ya what! A lot happens in only a week!!!

For those of you who don’t know me, personally. The family member who had cancer was my step-mom. I’m sharing that info with you now because she’s clear and the cat has been out of the bag for awhile now. AND!!! There’s no way to share the change of events for Cabo without y’all knowing who the cancer patient was.


So, the Cabo vacation has turned into the wedding of the century!!!! My Dad and Step-mom are going to have their wedding in Cabo!! We’re all pitching in for flight and hotel!!! All this happiness in one phone call. I screamed in the phone when I got the news!

Passport paperwork in progress, y’all!!!! 😉 And along with my new gym membership, I signed up for a personal trainer for two times a week!! This bitch is gunna be swimsuit, sexy, beach body ready!! Watch out, bois!!

Yes, I had my own little celebration at Top Sushi for happy hour sushi specials and a glass of white wine. It had been raining all day and was rather dreary outside. However, I enjoyed every minute of my dinner in solitude. It was quite refreshing to just bask in the happiness that just entered my psyche!!

Later that night, I went shopping for the apartment and met up with my brothers. We all finally made the time to get together and hang out. We hit up the local bar, switched off paying rounds of good beer. Then hit up the taco truck right outside the bar. Yummiest fucking tacos ever!!!!

I’ve been so delightfully busy and wrapped up in this natural high from life!! My apartment is coming together perfectly!! Roomie is gunna be home in about two weeks!! AbFab and champs in the hizouse!!! New York better be ready for this duo to take over the town for a night!! 🙂

That’s right!!! New York is on my list of travels this year. Unbeknownst to me!! Thanks to Roomie!! Flying up and driving back!! Woop!! Girly Road Trip!! Cameras ready! Check!

That’s a ton of good news swarmed around my pretty little head in a week, huh?!?! Are you about as high as I am??

Ready for another shit storm, then? I know right! Fucking blows!

My grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer this same week!!!

<Bang Head Here>

Like with my step-mom it is quite aggressive. Made it all the way through my grandmother’s liver and to her lymph nodes. Yes. That’s a tough one to type. It took me a couple of days for it to sink in that it is, in fact, cancer!

All in one week. That much has happened!

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