Cabo, Baby!!


For those of you that have been following for awhile. Do you remember me talking about a close family member of mine undergoing breast cancer treatments? Well folks! She kicked cancer’s ass!!!


It was discussed quite early on during her treatments that we were going to take a family vacation to their favorite resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!!

They used to go every year and haven’t for the last couple due to other family issues. They’ve been running crazy taking care of everyone else with out a break! Sssh!! We wont talk about one tequila night she got guilt ridden sloshed! She needed it. I know that’s a bad thing to say. They were running on fumes!!!

Well, super special family member!!! Your well deserved break is here!!!! And the rest of us are joining in on your big, fat, celebration!!!!

WooHoo!!! Fuck you nasty lump! Fuck you Cancer! Fuck you! Fuck you! And fuck you! Doctors! Y’all have been awesome! But, Fuck You Cancer!!!

I’ve printed out the form to get my pass port and will be hitting up the closest post office to get it all finalized!! Yep! World prepare because V.V. and family are escaping America!

Just a little ways out! 😉 No need to activate the weapons of mass destruction!!

Did we ever find those, anyway!?!?!?

Thank God I got that gym membership in the knack of time!! I should be at a more desirable body type by the time we leave!!!! It is an expensive trip! So, not only will I be stashing money aside for Vegas! I’ll need to put a bit more away for CABO!!!!! Ooooh and super sexy swimsuits!!!! Food? Alcohol!!! As I’m sure said family members will be celebrating like we’ve warped into the future!

As you can tell myself and everyone else that’s going is crazy excited for the trip. Some so excited that they’re bring their lovers along.


Damnit! So, it’ll be a vacation with couples! Woot! Woot! Herein lies my dilema!!!

Should I be the wild and crazy single woman tourist? Find a girl bar or lesbian scene? Or should I grab a friend to take with me? Or…a good book, my MP3 player and plenty of suntan lotion?

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