As most everyone knows, I have a horrible weakness for the bois.

However, when this chick is single

I tend to sway on both sides of my gender until a butch comes around to make my knees buckle! Or simply just to make clit quiver!


I tend to get a little…butchie. I’m not sure how many of you have read or remember the post, Feelin’ Butchie, Femme? Strap Up! Remember the femme that I made out with all night? The one who wanted to have a sleep over with me that night full of heavy kissing?

Yea. Her. Damn! She’s an amazing kisser! And her hair falls around my face perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed holding her neck from behind her ears and taking her in.

Well…uh…I went home with her one night. About five vodka tonics and a fireball whiskey shot before the bar closed. After many teasing smiles and fuck me stares over our drinks.

Wow! Have I missed those coy smiles, come hither eyes, and spread eagle body language that only a femme can display. Femmes, are so much louder with their desires and wants without saying anything at all. I find that sexy as I am such a fan of body language. I do love being a femme, myself and being so aware of those signs.

What seemed to start out as a slumber turned into an all night fuck fest in her bedroom! It all began with a little harmless spanking from my favorite Dickies belt!

Oooh the puddle that messed up her sheets. And me, wishing like hell I was a proper butch with a fat cock beneath my underoos! I wanted one so bad that I even said it out loud to her. She told me where she had some. And as I reach for the drawer..my goofy! Non suave ass falls to the floor!

Bam! Hardwood floor pounded my hip! The bruise lasted for a week! We all had a good laugh and I got up to finger fuck her, slap her pussy and made her squirt some more. My shirt was drenched!! At some point she was begging that something be done to me.

I put her hands behind her head, kissed and whispered that I was fine. I’m good. The usual femme questions stirred, “Are you sure? You’re not getting any.”

Had to reassure her that she’s getting me off. Reaching between my nether lips for her to lick my juices off my fingers.

I’m sooo different when it comes to fucking femmes! I don’t want them or need them to fuck me. I get off just fine. Shockingly well!

When I left her house it was bright outside. I do believe she had work that day. Gave her a kiss and smiled on the way to my car. Fuck that felt good.

What a fuckin’ stress reliever she was! Drove home inhaling the pussy residue left on my lips, fingers and shirt. When I woke up I still couldn’t believe that her and I had fucked. My hip was sore and I cracked up laughing at myself. Way to go Ace. And damnit! She’s got my belt!


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