Bring Me 2013!!


Happy New Years to everyone!!!

This is my most favorite winter holiday!! It’s a time of reflection, resolutions and forgiving old foes.

This is my first New Years alone in five years. I thought the holidays would make me feel all depressed and shit. However, I’m filled with things to do. Staying busy with work and getting the apartment together! I talk to friends on a regular basis. During a time when most people who divorce feel their loneliest. I’m just fine. I have actually  been doing a lot of thinking and working on blogs to put up here.

A little side-note here!! I’ve reached 980 followers!!! I’m so excited about it! This is my little space. My little diary and people are reading! It’s becoming my special little baby!

Anyway! I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and how I want to go about it. I want to make the most out of 2013! This year is going to be a damn good year! Typically, I’m not a fan of resolutions. They’re failed attempts at quitting smoking and loosing weight!


After the holidays pass I am getting a gym membership at a fairly reasonable price. When Roomie comes home we plan on hitting a rock gym. I’m not doing this in an attempt to loose weight. It’s a lifestyle that I fell in love with!! I miss my spin and yoga classes. My back really misses yoga! Working out gave me a strong sense of self! Gave me energy and made me feel amazing every day! I was starting to get definition which was the coolest sight in a mirror that typically displayed flab!

As you all know, I’m going to Vegas in March. Planning a trip to New York to visit Roomie sometime before that. I also have plans in the works to visit some friends in California! If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m planning on doing a lot more traveling this year. Either by car or plane! If any of my handsome friends wanna join me for the ride and fun they are more than welcome to. Or we can meet up there. I have a lot of friends from out of town, thus the desire to travel!!

My other resolution is that I think I would like to remain single for a year. Just date and scope out the scene without any ties. I’m not in the right frame of mind to be in any sort of committed relationship just yet. I’m really soaking up my independence. Well, a lot of girls or bois for that matter don’t seem to like that. Everyone always wants to know where you’re going? Who you’re going with? What are you doing? Then I feel bad because I don’t want my partner or lover to come along and feel obligated to stay by their side! Or anytime they’re pissy we have to leave. Or they bitch the entire time we’re there. Well….I’m not ready to be a we anytime soon!

“I love you. But, I love me more.” Samantha Jones Sex and the City. Is whirling like crazy in my head right now!!

I was thinking about swearing off anything sexual. Masturbation and sex with a date. Again, I try to be realistic with my resolutions. Quitting anything sexual for any amount time would be as dangerous as my quitting smoking! Y’all wont like the outcome. Not one bit!

I have some other thoughts in the mix. I plan on buying another vehicle. Because mine is used, paid with cash. It’d be a good idea to have another vehicle to use while one is the shop. Like right now. My car is in the shop. Grrr! I’ll be looking for a small truck for my next vehicle. I also have thoughts about saving my tax returns on a place to buy. Can’t decide if I want a condo in the city or a house to fix up. Either way, I’d like my own place with in the next couple of years or so. This will be tricky as I do make decent money…but I’m not rich. LOL!

Sounds like money being pissed away for my 2013 doesn’t it? Not so! I’m a firm believer in working hard and playing hard! Ya only live once and ya might as well enjoy every last drop of it!

I plan on gobbling it all up this year!!

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